Monday, June 25, 2007

Artist of the Week: The Electric Soft Parade

6/25/07 - This weeks artist of the week is The Electric Soft Parade. A very underrated band in my opinion. They have a very unique vintage sound, and the vocals remind me of the sound of Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips, well to an extent that is. Although I have not listened to their entire discography, I've found my way into two of their Cd's so far and they get my vote. I would start with "No need to be downhearted" and then work your way into "Holes in the Wall", at least thats what I did.

Anyway, they are from Brighton, England and are headed by brothers by the name of Alex and Tom White, who take care of the majority of creativeness for the band. Anyway, aside from all this bs you dont care about, you should go check them out.

Tony's Picks
1) The Electric Soft Parade - Life in the Backseat
2) The Electric Soft Parade - Woven By a Kiss
3) The Electric Soft Parade - Cold World/ Starry Night #1
4) The Electric Soft Parade - Misunderstanding
5) The Electric Soft Parade - Somethings Got to Give

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