Monday, January 28, 2008

Random: Kanye West Suprise Performance - Video

Again, no big post or anything, but just something I found while making my various stops at blogs. Found this over at stereogum. There was a concert held at New York City's Museum of Natural History. It was a Cool Kid's and Little Sister gig, and apparently Kanye West stopped by unexpected. Apparently it's some concert put on by "flavorpill" that is put on monthly featuring different acts. Anyway, here is a taste.

Kanye West @ Flavorpill's One Step Beyond from miguel on Vimeo.

Simian Mobile Disco is set for 3/28. I'll be on the lookout for a video on that when the time comes, pretty sweet to have a concert in a museum heh.

Now if only he would do the same at the Newport with Lupe in March. :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

Featured Video: Menomena - Evil Bee

Just thought everyone should see this video if they haven't already....
Menomena - Evil Bee


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LIVE Review: The Walkmen w/ The White Rabbits

Hey there, just got back from the concert. It was held at The Basement, which is located right over by the Lifestyles Community Pavilion. It's a very snug venue, and you are almost literally on stage with the band. It was a lot different than any of the other concerts I've been to while down in Columbus. The White Rabbits opened up the show and I was blown away. I've been listening to their album for a while now and haven't really started to enjoy it to the fullest until a month or two back. Their live show definitely sealed the deal for me, these guys rock. The highlight of the show for me was definitely when they performed "kid on my shoulder", real energetic. Another thing, the band played with two full drummers, something I wasn't expecting. It really added to the groove of some of their songs. They played some songs I hadn't heard, including a new one, so cross your fingers for a new album, and check out their current album "Fort Nightly" if you haven't already.

After The White Rabbits were done, the headliners, The Walkmens came on. I have listened to a few albums but never have been really able to get into them. So I figured maybe they could sway me with their live show. However, I'm still not completely feelin' it. Don't get me wrong they had some sweet energy and a few songs I really dug, but just not completely my cup of tea I guess. Oh, and man can that guy scream. By the time they came on I had somehow ended up more towards the left speaker and my ears are still ringing. Check out "Bows and Arrows" by them if you haven't heard any of their stuff, I enjoyed that album the most.

Overall, pretty satisfied with the outing, cool venue, and a pretty damn good show. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing another show there in the near future. Oh, and I forgot a legit camera, so I had to make due with my camera phone, which ended up looking pretty cool I thought.

Take Care

Monday, January 21, 2008

Review: Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams, There Will Be Blood, Randoms

Hey, a few days ago I snuck in a link to someones mega-upload download of Destroyer's new album. Tonight I've been listening to it and I think it is quickly becoming my favorite album by him. So, if you haven't already downloaded it, you should. If you don't wanna use megaupload from some random person, I'm sure it has leaked by now, or buy the album you thief. Anyway, I'm not gonna go through and do some hardcore review, just a few quick things. I've always liked what Dan Bejar has done, especially with The New Pornographers, however, his solo projects (I thought) always lacked the exciting qualities of the ones he did with the pornos. Anyway, this album is rockin' and I think it is definitely going to inspire me to check out his older stuff. Woo, I hope 2008 can keep it up with releases like this!

Also, tonight I went with some friends to see There Will Be Blood, which was sweet. Still allowing that one to sink in a little bit, some things I'm not completely clear about. But it was a very entertaining, smart film. The film tells the downward spiral of a story of Daniel, a oil connoisseur who is trying to balance the struggles of his business, son and long list of other conflicts, I won't get into much of the story line. And a little side note, the music was composed by Johnny Greenwood, and the quality really showed. Spectacular acting from Daniel Day Louis, along with the rest of the cast. So, check that one out as well.

And, a few quick things, while walking past the newport on the way to the theatre, I had to put up with seeing the sign for "the mars volta - sold out - Saturday" sign. I was gonna take a picture but my phone failed me, probably for the best. But, although I'm still a little distraught about the show, some good news has crept its way in my direction. Heard news of a Dax Riggs show at some bar in Akron on Feb. 2, goin with some pals I haven't seen in a while, should be real cool.

Smell ya later.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

News: The Mars Volta Re-schedule Show

Welp, yes, much much lameness. I was at the morningtide pre-release so I found out at 6pm, an hour before the show. Pretty bummed, but they are supposed to re-schedule, I'll keep you updated on that. On a lighter note, I got 6th in my flight at the pre-release and won a door prize...
Even with that minor success at the pre-release (whoop-de-doo), still disappointed about the concert reschedule, welp, white rabbits on tues. is the plan, cya then.

...and heres a link to someones megaupload to destroyer's new, ill listen later. http://http// enjoys!

/sad kitty

Friday, January 18, 2008

News: Andrew Bird Drops New E.P

I guess hes been selling it on his European tour, and I just heard about it today. Again, I would totally love to host it for all of you great people, but then that would be illegal, I guess I just don't have the stones. However, there is no stopping you from typing in "soldier on andrew bird download" on google....(cause that doesnt work ;P). It's got eight tracks with some remixes and a collage of his arsenal of songs. It's called "Soldier On". Anywho, busy this weekend, volta in less than 24 hours, along with the morningtide pre-release which is slightly less interesting to most people haha, but I'll be sure to inform you how these events go. Ah, White Rabbits/Walkmen on Tuesday, good stuff.

Anyway, I'm about to listen to that now, and you should too.

I'll let ya know how that goes. Church.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, today was the OUAB giveaway of free Will Ferrel tickets, and me and three of my friends stood tough through the cold weather for an hour and a half by the horseshoe and got ours. Well worth it I'd say, I'm guessing decent tickets will go for around 50 bones. And just to clarify its Will Ferrel, Dimitri Martin, Zach Galifinakas, and Nick Swardson, quite the lineup if you ask me. Sadly, I have a class that lasts till 9 on Wednesdays, with the show starting at 8, this could propose a problem, but I'll deal with that when the time comes, I just know I'm not missing this for a fact. Anyways, hats off to OUAB for this awesome event, and with Lupe Fiasco in the OUAB lineup for March, I'd say my 15$ activity fee has been well spent.

Take Care,

Friday, January 11, 2008

News: NEWS!!!

Just a few quick things...

-Radiohead has announced a North American Tour as a result of In Rainbows hitting #1 on the charts. The list that was given out showed that they would stop in Cleveland. The band said that the tour will take place in two parts, being split by the European and UK stops.

-Here is a link to Radiohead's Scotch Mist film released on New Years. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

-Also, The Black Keys have released news of a new album and a new tour. The new album will be called Attack and Release. You can read more about it here, courtesy of pitchfork. I pray they come to Columbus, I saw them in Akron over winter break and they were amazing.

-Even more, Jack Johnson as you may know is putting out a new album called "Sleep Through the Static", and I'm pretty excited after hearing the single "If I Had Eyes". I'd totally host it if it weren't illegal, maybe if I get some type of login system eventually. Anyway, get it on itunes, totally worth the .99 imo, really diggin' the electric guitar.

That's about it for my 3am news revelation while searching the web. Stay Classy San Diego.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random: News, Events, Thoughts...

Holla, classes are now in full swing and it seems as though there is no free time anymore. However, I have found a minute as I've been trying to update this more often. I've just started my PHP class and hopefully sometime this quarter I'll get around to a page revamp with all the jazz that I intended in the first place, but that's a way aways.

On a much different note, some new events have been listed (I think I'll be adding a events calendar sometime in the near future). Anyway, here are the Events for now...

Jan 19, 2008 - The Mars Volta at the Newport
Jan 22, 2008 - The Walkmen w/ White Rabbits at the Basement
Feb 6, 2008 - Will Ferrel, Zach Galifinakas, Nick Swardson, Dimitri Martin at the Shott
Feb 14, 2008 - Vampire Weekend at the Wex
Feb 15, 2008 - The Bravery at the Newport
March 1, 2008 - The Hives at the Newport
March 2, 2008 - Lupe Fiasco OSU event at the Newport
April 9, 2008 - Caribou at the Wex
April 29, 2008 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The only one I know for a fact I will be going to at the moment is the Mars Volta show, as I bought tickets the second they went on sale and almost wet my pants. Other than that, if I can get a free ticket to the Will Ferrel Stand Up thing then that's a for sure as well. I'd like to go to all these shows but a lot are either back to back and with so many shows, going broke becomes an issue, but I'll do my best. I'll also make sure to make a write-up/review after a show I attend.

And finally, thoughts, ha, wasn't actually gonna follow that title but it worked out. The speakers I mentioned a little ways back totally rock the dorm, ha, just hope people don't complain :P. And, I've been seriously considering buying a new mp3 player. I currently have the 3rd Gen Ipod Nano because I got it "fo free son" by signing up for a student checking account. It's only 4 gig and can hardly handle my music collection. I'm leaning towards the new 80gig Zune. I think it will be able to handle my tunes for quite some time and you gotta love the new re-design and giant screen. Anyway, you can check it out here. If anyone happens to have any thoughts about it or w/e don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Oh and yeah, yeah, the bucks got dismantled, but next year it looks as though we will have another shot.

Take it easy,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Random: Nothing Really

Hey, just some cool things to inform you about, while searching around the blogosphere I found a cool website called RCRD LBL, a site that offers free downloads for featured artists. I came across this site via GorillavsBear, one of my favorite music blogs. They featured the artist White Denim, a band I've heard a lot about but haven't had the opportunity to explore. However, RCRD LBL featured them on their site and you can download a few songs and stream one here. Pretty neat stuff, and I've only heard good things. Some other bands I plan on listening to include: Yeasayer, American Analog Set and Jens Lekman. I'll let you know how that goes, thank God for, really enjoy new recommendations. Oh yeah, I now enjoy my tunes on a new set of Altec Lansing speakers, pretty psyched about that. Check 'em out, sweet deal, you should grab a set at that price. Welp, I'm callin' it a night, big day tomorrow with the national championship and all, hope you enjoyed the retro-brutus pic!

In the words of the random bum on high street, "Lets Go Bucks! LSU Sucks!", word up Mr. Bum.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Random: Downloading Music...

YO! two times in one day, have I turned into a machine? No, something just really bugged me and I needed to warn everyone, or maybe the 2.5 people that read this. So before I left for school I found a walmart music downloading card,worth maybe 25 bucks? Who knows, unimportant...

Anyway, they have a terrible selection, and sure, I like some semi obscure bands that don't see radio airtime, but c'mon...from a place where you can expect to buy a lawnmower and a gallon of milk in the same aisle, you'd think they have a decent music selection. Well, maybe you wouldn't cause I thought it was a long shot too, but they should damnit (mainly because of the card I found). So, if you feel like docking your pirate ship and paying for music, for God's sake don't bother with Walmart, you'll be much happier with either Amazon or itunes. They didn't even include a lot of the album information, and two of the songs failed downloading, after I paid for them, plus it took forever on a pretty stellar connection.

Excuse the lesson in common sense, and props to inthesetimes for the image...cracked me up.


Random: Back to School!

Hey there all, I'm back on the grind yet again at ole OSU, which is pretty exciting with the new quarter and all. Also, the bucks are playing for the national championship on Monday which is nothing new around here, but after last years performance, I think we have something to prove. Pretty excited to order some Zaa and watch the game...

Anyway, last night I went to see Juno at the local AMC theatre (which are amazing by the way). Pretty good movie, recommended for sure. And in music news, I'm still obsessed with the new Band of Horses record, it's such a perfect record for just chillin' in your room when it's too cold outside. Oh yeah, and I got tickets for the mars volta show on jan. 19th, pretty pumped about that. Also, the walkmen and white rabbits are coming into town.

I'll be sure to let you know how they go.

take care,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weekly Picks: Top 20 Albums of 2007!

Hey there! First off, Happy New Years! I realize I have not updated this in a very long time, but I think today is an acceptable time to start. Normally the plan was to make a new recommendation every week, but due to the inactivity it's pretty obvious how that worked. So, to make up for the lack of activity, I have come up with my "Best of 2007" roundup.

Here Goes:

Top 20 Albums
1) Radiohead - In Rainbows
2) Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
3) Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
4) Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
5) The New Pornographers - Challengers
6) Menomena - Friend and Foe
7) Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
8) Blonde Redhead - 23
9) The National - Boxer
10) Band of Horses - Cease to Begin
11) Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
12) Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City
13) The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse
14) The White Stripes - Icky Thump
15) Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things
16) Kanye West - Graduation
17) Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago...
18) Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover
19) The Good The Bad and The Queen - s/t
20) White Rabbits - Fort Nightly

Soak it in, lotta good stuff in there. I'd say it's a pretty wide variety that covers much of what's going on in today's new music. I'm not going to analyze each pick and bore you to death, but I'll go over a few keys

Big Surprise - I'd say the biggest surprise in my list would have to be the Bon Iver album, previous to this release I had never heard of the guy. I heard some buzz on Metacritic about the release and someone described his sound as a fusion between TV on the Radio and Iron and Wine. Immediately, I knew I had to give it a listen. A strange thing happened though, I wrote down they title of the album on some scrap paper to help me remember to listen to it when I got home. Later that week I began doodling on the paper and eventually came up with a design of a phased out tree, I think it turned out pretty nice, it was just neat how it said "For Emma, Forever Ago...", almost as like a dedication or something. Anyway, great album, and you can see my drawing here.

The Grower - One album that had to grow on me was the new Sunset Rubdown release. I've been a fan of Spencer Krug's work for a while now, but this one took me quite a few listens. Sunset Rubdown, if you have not listened to them, is not you're ordinary band. I can honestly describe some songs as weird, which isn't a bad thing, but I didn't see the beauty at first. This isn't the type of album you put on to impress a friend (at least in my case heh), but when you sit down with some decent headphones and actually listen, you can really see the true beauty of the album. And if not, go listen to some Wolf Parade, they rule too!

Late in the Game - This ones easy, I've had this album on loop all week it seems. Band of Horses - Cease to begin, it has been out for a while now, but I hadn't listened to it or its predecessor until recently. If I would have gotten a hold of this one earlier I think it would be higher in my list. Make sure you don't miss out on this one.

The Best - There were about three or so albums I considered for this spot, but Radioheads - In Rainbows took the cake. Not only did they come up with an admirable way of distributing the album, they came up with one hell of a record. Definatley worth the wait. There isn't a weak spot on the record, from start to finish I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Make sure you check out some of these if you have not already!

Hey 2007, Nice Ass!