Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So yeah, OUAB sent out an email saying that flight of the conchords will be performing May 16th at the Shott. You can get your tickets Wednesday, April 30th at 5:00PM at the Shounion. Um, if you don't know who they are, you're dumb. That's about it :)

Watch the video:

hell yes,


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live...Uh...Review: Man Man with Yeasayer at the Wex

So it has been getting pathetic how little effort I seem to be putting into these reviews. Also, this took place literally like almost two weeks ago. I've been unmotivated and apathetic due to the way school has been going this quarter. But, the concert rocked, and I think it should be shared. Anyway, I'm gonna post some pics/vids from the Yeasayer/ Man Man concert that took place at the Wex. Yeasayer was everything I hoped they would be, also really neat video in the background while they played. As for Man Man, I didn't know much about them going into the show, but I can honestly say they are (in the words of Zach) "Bat-Shit-Crazy"...in a good way. Lemme put it this way, you get quite the show for your money, whether you dig it or not. However, I didn't really get any good pictures of Man Man (besides the one above), it was hard to capture the essence of their show.

Here we go:

Yeasayer live at the Wex

"2080" crazy...


I did manage to record most of their (single I believe) song "Sunrise", which was an amazing performance, check it out. Again, sorry for the consecutive half-ass write ups. I'll try and not make it a habit, but it has been a while, heh.

keep on keepin' on,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Best New Artist: Trunk Boyz...and OUAB Event Announced

Gotsta get me one dem scrapper bikez, lol. I think I see soulja boy! Ha, while I have your attention, and speaking of soulja boy, the OUAB spring concert event has been announced. MIA, Soulja boy and Holy Fuck will be gracing our humble OSU stage. Unfortunatley, I won't be able to make it. I think it's gonna be a pretty interesting show, heh. And, well, not to bash soulja boyz skills or anything, but at least you'll get to see Holy Fuck and MIA. I, on the other hand, will be in NYC where I'm currently trying to score some British Sea Power tickets.

ps, check out Holy Fuck's lastfm

keep cruisin' on your scrapper bike,

Live...Uh...Review: The New Pornographers/ Okkervil River

Ok, so I have officially failed you all. It has been way to long since that New Pornos/ Okkervil River concert for me to make any sort of review. So I'll just try and sum it up and then show you guys a few pics and videos (which came out ok i guess). So Okkervil River opened and they had about an hour long set. Most of the songs were from their latest two albums The Stage Names and Black Sheep Boy. I had recently just got pretty deep into their discography, so this show couldn't had come at a better time. The band pretty much relies on their singers amazing voice, and he pretty much nailed it. A great performance.

Oh yeah, the video starts out a little shaky, but it settles down. You can thank the event security for that. They have never given me a hard time about my camera, but this time I had to sneak it.

Then the New Pornographers came on. They were what I thought they would be and I loved them for it. They played a bunch of songs and the whole place was a sing-a-long. 100% Grade A indie pop. Dan Bejar didn't make it due to the Destroyer tour I'm pretty sure. However, Neko was there and was excellent. Overall, if you're a fan, you'll love em. If you're just hearing some of the songs for the first time, I could see how they could get tiresome.

Once again, the video is a bit shaky in the beginning. Also, for some reason I stood on the balcony. Oh yeah, sorry for the half-ass write up.

I want a better camera,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEWS: Yeasayer, No Age, !!! do Independent Radio Benefits

...And guess what that means

OHIO.FM is being benefited by the kind souls of !!! [chk chk chk]. Yeasayer and No Age are doing other stations across the nation. Check out the article over at pitchfork.

*takes a deep breathe*
I'll keep you posted...


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Live... Uh...Review: The Mars Volta Cancel Again

This is the sad photo I took of the police/event security telling people about the recently discovered news. As you may know, the mars volta show that was supposed to be last Friday on the 18th got cancelled again. People had been waiting there forever. I can understand one cancellation, but two is slightly ridiculous. I think the band could have done something a little more considerate since it was the second cancellation. Like maybe play an instrumental set or at least personally apologize. These guys are one of my favorite bands, don't get me wrong, but this kinda makes me lose a little respect for them. Hopefully when they reschedule (according to ticketmaster update), they can make up for it and then some. I'll be waiting, heh. In the meantime, hope they get better.



Yeasayer Video You Should See

I'm having a blast watching these videos, haha.


check it out.

Elvis Perkins plays a take-away-show

well, it isn't exactly news, it happened on october 2nd, 2007. Regardless, I saw it today and it kinda blew me away.

Takeawayshows.com go there. now.

Radiohead ...and Great Northern featured on NBA playoff commercials, yay!

Was looking at Gorilla vs Bear and saw a post about the NBA using radiohead in their new commercials for the upcoming playoffs... For some reason I started looking at other commercials and the other version of the commercial features The Great Northern's "Low is a Height" off their album Trading Twilight For Happiness. Saw them with spoon a couple months back, real cool band.

Anyway heres the commercial:

go cavs?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random: "Family History"

Well, it's kinda late... I would start with the reviews (new pornos/okkervil, yeasayer/man man will be up shortly) but, I'm just not up for it tonight. Anyway, a friend of mine sent me this assignment I did in high school to kinda mock my teacher/assignment. Anyway, in case you've been wondering, this is my families history. I hope you can forgive any grammar/ spelling the senior year version of Tony made, and I hope nothing is too offensive or revealing. Anyway, if your bored, take a gander. Those reviews will be up by the end of the week (crosses fingers).

Anthony Schneider, the product of the joining of the Mozetti-Schneider family with the Adams-Leforte family. Families whose origins reside in Italy, Germany and France (the sweet part). This combination of ultimate nations supplied the genes to create a being who would later become the legendary "Tony Schneider". Although myths of mystical intervention have been in circulation for years, I am actually mainly of Italian and German decent with a few ewok alterations here and there. The raw power of my creator blessed me with the 6'7 330lb frame in which i currently reside as a direct result of where my relatives where from. Despite rumors of a mutated genetic code, I am actually considered an offspring of an immigrant based family, contrary to the recent studies and tests of Dr. Xavier himself.(P.h.D in being sweet).

The Mozetti family is where i must start, a family who crossed the borders in a very immigrant-like fashion, unlike modern border hoppers, they went through what is known as Ellis Island during the summer months of 1939. This is where the immigrants went to be cross examined whether or not they deserved to be an American. The Mozetti family easily passed what they need to and decided to move to the town of Alliance to "work" at the brickyards as a front. A front is a job taken to mask the real job of knocking people off and organized crime. They quickly found out the United States had much more opportunity than the war torn skies of Italy. Rather than making wine in the families vineyard, they now "worked at the brick yard", which proved more effective. In honor of the families success they had a child named grandma Schneider, who later became the sweetest lady ever to exist in the world (love you grandma). This is where I learned my street sense and gangster-like walk that I now do on occasion in honor of the Mozetti family.

The Adams family (theme music plays *snap*snap*) on the other hand is where I received my great love for America. They have no record that I could find on arrival into the United States except for the search for work, so therefore I can safely assume that they have been here pretty darn long. The family settled in the small blue-collar town of Phillipsburg Pennsylvania and has had Pennsylvania pride ever since. Records show that they have close relation to the great American John Quincy Adams, who was of course one of our greatest Presidents. As the family progressed, they also developed more of a claim to fame, records also show a direct relation to the king himself, Elvis Presley. Before he was unfortunately abducted by aliens he did a lot for modern rock in the USA. So in conclusion, although the Adams family may have come from from the country of Hungry they have gratefully contributed to my direct love for America and modern rock music...long live Uncle Presley.

A lot like the Mozetti family, the Leforte tribe came to the red, white and blue in search of change and new opportunity. They had a deep french history of beig better than other Frenchmen because of their name which literally means THE STRONG. Upon arrival in 1904, they had little trouble throwing their weight around and striking fear into the hearts of their new American brethren. They slowly ended up in the fine state of Pennsizzle-Vizania where they settled down and developed a breed of hard-nosed football players. Their second son, a bouncing baby boy named Jack CAESER "the strong" Leforte soon became all that there is to be on the football field. Despite contemplating offers from major football squads SUCH AS THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS (according to the main man himself...CAESER), he was drawn into the "gung-ho" attitude of Uncle Sam's aqua team, the U.S Navy. After fighting off all the bad guys every chance he got, he fell into a deep love spell with Anna Adams who later became my grammy who I love. Caesar of course was my grandfather...duh. At an early age his Jedi Masters noticed his mitochlorian count to be above normal, surpassing even the great Yoda. He focused his energy and turned out to be my grandfather, which why i have chosen the path of the Jedi. Anyway, as his family developed, he noticed his great love for camping which has inspired me to go down the lonesome path of a druid and learn the art of wielding nature.

The most obvious part of my heritage would be the Schneiders. They were a prestigious Germanic family who were NOT NAZIs, I REPEAT, NOT NAZIs. They made their living in the field of Tailoring or making clothes, you'll like the way you look, I guarantee it. Although, as the hunch of First World War came around, they decided they had to get out of the country and move to all that is The United States of America. When they first arrived in 1907, they lived in a small town in Ohio and worked in the factories the great state had to offer. Eventually a boy named Frank Schneider was born into the family and began working at an early age. With all his hard work and determined mindset, he soon reaped the rewards of being a successful man. After honorably doing his part in world war two he got married to the previously mentioned Grandma Schneider who was at the time Bruna Mozetti. (Sidenote: Frank also had a boy named Steve, who later developed into Buck Schneider who only lives in local folklore) The two families eventually fused together into one with the marriage of JoAnn Leforte to Gary "G-Diddy" Schneider. The new family decided to have a son, whose name isn’t that important, but its Vinny. Then after two painful years, they had another, more awesome son named Tony or Erodorno in Elvin, he proved to be a direct result of the above awesomeness explained in the brief family histories. The new Schneider family has come to be quite the prodigy family, by fulfilling the prophecies and legacies left behind by their relatives. In conclusion, all the families decided to come to the great country of the United States for search of a better life, and it seems that they all found what they were looking for. After all, we are all sons and daughters of our Lord and Savior, the Son of God, Your Man, the Omnipotent, "the match maker match maker make me a match", Shiva.

Ha, cracks me up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Random: Finally...

I knew it...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Live Review: White Rabbits/Walkmen/Spoon

Ok, so, it has been almost a week since the show and I'm just getting around to the review...cut me some slack, I've been busy. Anyway, the show was in Cincinnati at a venue called Bogart's. Anyway, when we get there I realize that I (yet again) have forgotten my camera that I brought to school for this sole purpose. Anyway, I stopped at the local walgreens and got the worst disposable camera in the history of ...er disposable cameras. So bear with me...

white rabbits rockin... pics get better

Finally we get to Bogart's and get patted down on arrival (oh cinci...), which I've never seen happen before. So we rush to the stage to get as close as we can for the white rabbits, all of us being big fans. There seems to be a hole where no one is standing, so we *obviously* decide to occupy that spot. After about 30 seconds or so I feel something hit my shoulder. The roof was leaking *sigh in Cincinnati's direction*. We didn't want to lose our once decent spot so we strategically position ourselves to avoid the rainwater. We figured once the band came on people might scoot up, which they did. Anyway, white rabbits rocked, as they always do. I love the intensity of their live show. The keyboardist puts everything he has into the songs, it's really neat. They played about 3/4 of the songs on fort nightly and then a few new ones. I cannot wait for their next release. I'm telling you guys, they are the real deal. Go see them live.

the walkmen...photoshop action to cloak the shitty-ness of the picture...ITS ART DAMNIT!

Next, the walkmen came on. I had seen them at the basement alongside the white rabbits a few months back and was not that impressed. However, I was pretty unfamiliar with their material. This time around they were so much better. Not only did the sound system improve (the basement did them no justice), but I recognized a lot of the songs. And this time, I can honestly say I really enjoyed their performance. Like I said, at the basement the singers voice was like ear-piercing, but this time I found it full of emotion. They are definitely an odd band to see live, but pretty impressive the second time around. Their performance lies directly on the singers shoulders, as he is, aside fromt the drummer, the energy source of the band, and he nailed it at bogart's.


A while back, hmm, lets say late fall quarter, I saw spoon with great northern, and it was great... But, I never did a review or put up any of the gazillion pictures/videos I took. It just seems so dumb that I'm putting up this silly black and white photo when I have a ton of really good ones. Anywho, they were sweet yet again. Although, they seemed to have added a slight bit of electronic effects to their show. I mean they had some before, but this kinda gave some of the songs a psychedelic rock feel, which was sweet. Spoon plays one of the most impressive sets I have seen, that is if you are a fan. They play so many songs, and it is just amazing if you know them and can sing along. These guys have made so many pop gems over their career, it is truly impressive. The set they played at Bogart's was slightly longer since they were headlining a bigger tour, and I think they encored either two or three times. Although this time around their tickets weren't 5 bucks, it was still a great show.

keep on keepin' on,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Animal Collective - Water Curses

So, n case you didn't know...

Animal Collective's new song "Water Curses"off their upcoming Water Curses EP due out may 6th.

check it out here ...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Live Review: Maps and Atlases

Yo, finally found a way to upload the pics from my camera due to my failing card reader. Anyway, last Thursday I went to the Maps and Atlases show at Monster House. You may be asking what the Monster House is, and frankly, I did the same thing. Well, there are about 5 or so houses throughout Columbus that put on shows to support independent culture. For examples, bands passing through who need money for gas or whatnot. Anyway, the place is just a house and the show was in the basement. I was really impressed how organized these guys were, with a schedule and everything...real cool stuff.

Anyway, my buddy, who is a huge Maps and Atlases fan, saw the event on their myspace page. None of us had heard of Monster House but figured we would go check it out. When we got there (10th street) we met the guys who rent the place and they were real cool. They said that three other bands would also be playing. They included: Six Gallery(indie), The Dopamines(garage punk), The Pharmacy(psychedelic indie), and Maps and Atlases(math rock). I had only heard of Maps and Atlases, but I was really impresses with both Six Gallery, who I believe were from Columbus, and The Pharmacy, who reside in Washington.

The Pharmacy...

The first band to go on was Six Gallery. They played very technical rock, I would consider them math rock as well, but the flier said indie, so I'll roll with it. So do yourself a favor and run a search or two on them. Next up were the Dopamines. Punk rock would be the only description I can come up with. Not really my cup of tea, but still enjoyable, pretty entertaining guys. I really liked the fans they brought, pumping their fists and wearing their jean jackets, pretty admirable. Then the pharmacy came on. The guy who lives at the house was attempting to describe their sound, but he concluded that we would have to just experience them. He was right, they were very interesting. Lots of reverb, white noise and rockin', I really liked their set. Elements of psychedelia, with a bit of an indie sound.

Guitarist from maps and atlases... (no encores, lol)

Then came Maps and Atlases, a band I was pretty familiar with due to my friend who really digs them. They are extremely talented and put on a hell of a show. They use a lot of guitar tapping, and the drummer is ridiculous. They played an amazing set, every song on their album and a few more that I had seen either through my friend listening to them or on youtube. It was insane to see a band like this in such an intimate place like the basement of someones house accepting only donations so they can continue their tour. That, my friends, is what music should be all about. I kinda felt bad, I only had 4 bucks on me, they deserved so much more. Also, this basement probably held about 30 people comfortably, so we were forced to scoot up as far as we could to the band. Due to some strategic positioning, me and a few of my friends were a matter of inches away from the drummer and the guitarist was about 2 feet at most. I was actually in fear of the drumstick smacking me in the face. I completely lost control and went into jam mode for a solid 45 minutes. An amazing experience.

Drummer from Maps and Atlases ( cymbol was like 3 inches from mah face)

The "awesomeness" that took place in that basement is pretty challenging to put into words. I was running late working on a lab assignment only to come home to this note on my desk. Although slightly inappropriate, I think it does an excellent job at describing how great they were. Use your imagination.

ha, thanks bob, you were soooo right.

One last treat for you guys....Check out the video I took. The quality isn't anything to write home about but still cool. I'll get get on that Spoon/Walkmen/White Rabbits write up here in a little. Stay Tuned....

***yeah so apparently the blogger video upload makes it small as hell (quality=dead), so at least enjoy the sound, sorry it was dark there. Go to the actual youtube page so you can see it fullscreen, you can actually see things then.


Playlists: OHIO.FM 4/8/08

alright, I have two shows that I should be giving a live review of, however, still need to find someone with a card reader because mine is having driver problems ever since I upgraded to xp (;P).

I think I'm still on track for not playing the same song in 5 shows, correct me if I'm wrong... Anyway, here is the playlist from last night in case you missed it.

Queens of the Stone Age - Burn the Witch
The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out
The Thermals - Power Doesn't Run on Nothing
Radiohead - 15 Step
Pavement - ...And Carrot Rope
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things
Evangelicals - Bellawood
Kanye West - School Spirit
Animal Collective - Derek
White Rabbits - I Used to Complain Now I Don't (live)
Wilco - Side With the Seeds
Of Montreal - Suffer For Fashion (live acoustic)
Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tick Motion of the Head to the Left (live)
The Apples In Stereo - Man You Gotta Get Up
Common - Driving Me Wild (feat Lilly Allen)
Foals - Red Socks Pugie
Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy (live)
British Sea Power - No Lucifer
The Black Keys - Modern Times
The New Pornographers - Unguided
Kanye West - Spaceship
The National - Secret Meeting

Pretty good stuff imo, lemme know if you'd like to hear any, I could arrange something.

<3 tony

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random: Cold War Kids Vid

Hey, first off, I'd like to apologize, I went to a Maps and Atlases show thursday and haven't yet put up any pictures or a review. Also, I just got back from the Spoon/Walkman/White Rabbits concert in cinci. I'm having some camera trouble so I'll be working on that....

Until then, here is something to hold you over.

A take away show by the Cold War Kids

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Playlists: This Weeks Playlist (4/1/08)

Welp, here it is in case you missed anything. 4/1/08


Apostle of Hustle - "My Sword Hand's Anger"

TV on the Radio - "Tonight"
Elvis Perkins - "While You Were Sleeping"
Colour Revolt - "Change Your Face or Change Your Name"
The Strokes - "Someday"
Yael Naim - "New Soul"
ABX - "Punk Your Mind"
Yeasayer - "Sunrise"
Cold War Kids - "We Used to Vacation"
Evangelicals - "Midnight Vignette"
Wilco - "Heavy Metal Drummer"
British Sea Power - "Lights Out for Darkier Skies"
White Rabbits - "Beehive State [Randy Newman]-> Fort Nightly"
Radiohead - "A Wolf at the Door"
Feist - "My Moon My Man"
Man Man - "Mister Jung Stuffed"
Dax Riggs - "Night is the Notion"
Spoon - "Finer Feelings"
Destroyer - "Dark Leaves From A Thread"
MGMT - "Kids"
Foals - "Cassius"
Black Keys - "Girl Is on My Mind"
Frank Zappa - "I'm the Slime"
The New Pornographers - "From Blown Speakers"
Radiohead - "Jigsaw Falling into Place"
Of Montreal - "The Past is a Grotesque Animal"

Take Care,