Sunday, December 28, 2008


So apparently this guy remixed a STS9 song and came up with this. It is truly amazing.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Some Things.

Here are some late night performances I've watched/discovered over break, lemme know your favorites!

Of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance on Lettermen off of their newest LP Skeletal Lamping.

TV on the Radio : Golden Age off of their newest Dear Science.

In Other news:

Andrew Bird : Noble Beast - Jan 20th
Animal Collective : Merriweather Post Pavilion - Jan 6th

Keep it real

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Songs of 2008 - Merry Christmas All

Hey everybody, I finally assembled my best songs of 2008 and I would like to share it with ya!

1. Born Ruffians - I need a life
2. MGMT - Time to Pretend
3. TOBACCO (feat. Aesop Rock) - Dirt
4. TV on the Radio - Red Dress
5. Beach House - Gila
6. The Raconteurs - Five on the Five
7. The Mars Volta - Goliath
8. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
9. Islands - In the Rushes
10. Noah and the Whale - Five Years Time
11. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt This Place
12. Foals - Two Steps Twice
13. Ratatat - Mirando
14. Ra Ra Riot - Ghosts Under Rocks
15. The Black Keys - Remember When (side B)
16. Of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance
17. Beck - Volcano
18. The Walkmen - In the New Year
19. The Dodo's - Joe's Waltz
20. Butch Walker - Going Back/ Going Home

Here is a link to download the playlist, hope you like it!

Merry Christmas,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Of 2008 List

1. Born Ruffians - Red Yellow & Blue
2. Evangelicals - The Evening Descends
3. TV on the Radio - Dear Science
4. Ratatat - LP3
5. Vampire Weekend - s/t

6. Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Flight
7. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
8. The Walkmen - You and Me
9. British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?
10. The Roots - Rising Down

11. Beck - Modern Guilt
12. Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves - Roll With You
13. Foals - Antidotes
14. The Black Keys - Attack & Release
15. Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

16. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
17. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
18. Deerhunter - Microcastles
19. Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty
20. Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping

Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow and Blue
I can't count how many times I came back to this album. Every single one of the songs are so catchy and fresh. Such a unique voice and very sharp hooks secured this album at the top of my list. One of my biggest regrets was not making out to their show at Skully's. Excited to hear where they go from this album. If you want to try something new, check it out.

Evangelicals - The Evening Descends
Another artist that was completely new to me this year. This album is perfect for so many different moods. I found myself listening to it while falling asleep, and at other times blaring it out of my speakers. The band seems to be heavily influenced by b-movie horror flicks. I get kind of a new age punk/psychedelia vibe. Amazing album, every track is amazing. Btw, their live show is amazing.

TV on the Radio - Dear Science
Excellent follow-up to Return to Cookie Mountain. This is a pretty funky album, very energetic at certain parts. Sort of a different direction than their last effort but executed just as successfully.

Ratatat - LP3
I listened to this album a lot while I was studying, which is probably part of the reason I dig it so much. Not only is the music danceable and incredibly exciting, but it is the perfect background music when you are trying to focus. Alongside this album, I really got into the rest of their catalog as well, grade A stuff.

Vampire Weekend - s/t
The band that everyone loves to hate. Wow did they receive a lot of backlash once they got some mainstream success. Well good for them, I don't know why people have a problem with talented acts getting the success they deserve. Well on any note, I loved it, simple, catchy pop, what more can you ask for?

Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Flight
This took a listen or two, but was one of the most rewarding returns as I listened to this album a lot over the past few months. There is definitely some heartbreak on this album, but that is what fills it with so much emotion. If you don't mind the accent, then this is the perfect folk rock album for ya.

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
These guys really blew up fast. Very similar to my thoughts on Vampire Weekend, I think it was well deserved. Very catchy modern psychedelia with enough pop influence so people won't stray away. Really looking forward to that project with Kevin Barnes ;)

The Walkmen - You and Me
An excellent release to an excellent catalog. Really pissed I didn't get to hear the new stuff live when they came to town. I'm not sure if I like it better than Bows + Arrows, but it's a good one.

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?
It seems like I've been listening to this for so long that it should be on 07's list or something. But, regardless, I think the title holds. If you answer yes, or even maybe, you should give it a spin. I've said this before and I'll say it again: See them Live. They rocked my face off. Like, my face is off and that's a problem...British Sea Power has my face.

The Roots - Rising Down
C'mon, it's the roots. One day I hope mainstream hip hop will be like the roots. Oh hey, I heard they are going to be Jimmy Fallon's band when he takes over Conan's spot on late night, how awesome is that? Jimmy better not mess that up.

Beck - Modern Guilt
I wasn't that big of a fan of The Information, but, being Beck I had faith he wouldn't do the same thing twice. So, I had pretty high hopes for this one. Well, needless to say, I really enjoyed it. To top it all off, it was produced by Danger Mouse.

Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves - Roll With Me
Although it's all been done before, it is one of the most fun albums I heard all year. The horns, the soul, absolutely classic. One of those albums you can put on and everyone will like it no matter what age or style.

Foals - Antidotes
I would describe these guys as brit pop meets math rock.. Although I have no idea what the guy is saying most of the time, their songs get me so pumped. Do yourself a favor and listen to "Two Steps Twice", and you'll understand.

The Black Keys - Attack and Release
Yet another Danger Mouse produced album makes my year end list. Although this doesn't hold a torch to Rubber Factory, it still is pretty damn rockin. Also, it was a pretty cool change of style for the band, as I'm sure innovation gets pretty rough when you are a guitar/drum duo.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
Okay, so this is probably on my list because I finally got a chance to see them live and I kinda went crazy listening to their discography. Also, Trent giving it away was pretty rad. But, I really liked this album much better than Year Zero and With Teeth.

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
If you are into folk at all you need to listen to this album. If you look at some other lists you might see it up a bit higher, but, I guess I kind of forgot about it towards the end of the year. At any rate, it truly is a beautiful album.

The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath
Okay, I am a bit bias because I am such a big fan. But, to be honest, I didn't really even like it the first time through. Needless to say, that quickly changed and I now rank it below Deloused and just below Frances. It's a bit heavier, but it still brings the funk aspects that initially drew me in.

Deerhunter - Microcastles
So this just came out not too long ago so it really hasn't had all that much time to settle, but on first listen I thought it was pretty rad. If you listen to one song off the album, take a gander at "nothing ever happened". Also, the accompanying "weird era" is pretty righteous too.

Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty
I was a huge fan of robbers and cowards, and although this album isn't instantly as lovable, it won me over after a few listens. Such a unique voice and so soulful.

Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping
Speaking of unique, this one takes the cake. Kevin Barnes takes on his glam rock alter ego Georgie Fruit, who apparently "is a black man who has undergone multiple sex changes". If you can't get past that, then turn around and you miss out. If you do, you are in for a heck of an album. Albeit strange, definitely great. The only thing is there is no "the past is a grotesque animal", however "St. Exquisites Confessions" comes close.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Our friends over at OHIO.FM are giving away a car in less than 48 hours!

Here's the thing, I'm really lucky... So, if you go over there in the next couple days, you might just win yo-self a Yaris plus some duckets to fatten yo pockets.

Here is the link:
yojiveassmightwindiscar, son

Oh yeah, we want to give it away to one of our own, COLUMBUS PRIDE Ya'll!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Have A Pepper Bar!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Taught this Panda how to play the flute?

Who Taught this Panda how to play the flute?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas On Mars

In theaters across the US in January, should be good.
check out the trailer...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yawny At the Apocalypse...

Although I am currently on hiatus, I couldn't resist...

Andrew Bird is putting out his newest LP Noble Beast on January 27th. Here is a track called 'Oh No'...

Oh yeah, and here is one of my favorite performances of all time.
Dosh + Bird


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Knowing nothing about the opening band, and a little apprehensive of The Walkmen after their last show at the Basement, I went into this experience with less then stellar expectations. Then the show started an hour late.

"Oh dear," thought I.

"Fuck you," replied the concert.

Golem is a unique sort of band, one that I wouldn't hesitate to say sounds like a Bar Mitzvah on speed. The (female) lead singer sang in Yiddish whilst wielding an accordion, the (male) singer belonged in theater with the emotion he put into singing, and the other instruments consisted of a trombone, a violin, a string bass, and drums.

And it was great.

The crowd jumped and clapped to the old-world meets new-world folk punk, and the band was as funny as it was talented.

The Walkmen then proceeded to blow my mind. They played songs off their new album and a few old hits, striking a perfect balance between the two. Hamilton Leithauser's (haha) voice was spot on as he hit his trademark high notes with ease while the rest of the band stood back and just played...awesomely. What I could say about the live music would pretty much just echo my thoughts on their latest album, You and Me: It's great stuff! Full of emotion, off the beaten path stylistically, and exciting as hell. Drummer Matt Barrick should be especially commended with how fun it is two watch him do his stuff.

Good times.


Monday, September 15, 2008

What I've Been Diggin'

Well, with one measly week left until I head back down to Columbus, I have been blessed with plenty of time to listen to some new artists...

The first of which is a bluesy rock act called The Parlor Mob. I came across them through the Lollapalooza music sampler. Which is both awesome because of the free mp3, but depressing because it made me realize I missed their stage during my short trip to Chicago. Nonetheless, the band rocks pretty hard. I hear similarities to Cold War Kids, The White Stripes and The Black Keys. However, they totally have a style and sound of their own. The only thing that trumps the quality of their debut album And You Were A Crow is the reception of their live act. Definitely be on the lookout for this band, I know I will.

The second band I wanted to mention briefly go by the name of the Postelles. I came across their EP, gave it a listen, and had to grab it. Unfortunately, I missed them at Lollapalooza too. But, I suppose that is the double bladed sword aspect of a music festival, can't see 'em all. But anyway, back to the band. They have a very infectious poppy sound, you'll be humming along like you've known the songs for years. While they have that modern indie-pop/garage feel similar to a vampire weekend-strokes combo, they give me a oldie vibe, like the beatles or other 'British Invasion' bands. Ha, regardless of my vague description, you should check em out if you like anything Albert Hammond Jr./The Stokes have done.

Check these out:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Small Update

After a depressingly bad football evening with the Buckeyes (which surprisingly enough turned into a good drinking evening for me ha. ha. ha.), I think The Walkmen concert at The Basement in Columbus tomorrow is just the pick-me-up I need. I'll take some pics and throw them up perhaps.

On a side note, here's a band I've been listening the shit out of: The Gaslight Anthem. While the name at first evoked for me a vision of post-punk mediocrity, these New Jersey natives know how to spin a rocking good yarn in the style of one of N.J.'s greats, Bruce Springsteen (who they say happens to be one of their biggest influences). Here's a track from their first album, Sink or Swim, which is the edgier of the two they've released, called "1930":

Live Review: The Mars Volta - The LC - 9/12/08

So, it turned out that the Mars Volta actually played this time. And I gotta say, last night, the two cancellations and the eight months wait seemed to be a reasonable price to pay for such an excellent show. I had seen the Mars Volta before, but it wasn't anything close to this. From where I was standing the mix sounded amazing. It's hard to believe that it could sound so great with so much instrumentation going on at once, but it sure did. And unlike when I saw them touring with S.O.A.D, the crowd was actually there to support them. As a result, the amount of energy they brought was tremendous.

They opened the show with a lengthy jam that led into Bedlam's goliath of a track...'Goliath' (excuse the lame ass pun), and they never looked back. They seemed to effortlessly achieve a perfect balance of improv and structured tracks. I was so captivated that I couldn't help but get my groove on and sing out loud. I think the show pretty much topped my charts as far as adrenaline goes.

One of the standout songs during the show was the ever-so-funky 'Ilyena'. I was hoping they would play that song, but I wasn't sure how it would translate live, but just like most everything else that night, they nailed it. Despite the awesome set, I still wish they would have included my personal favorite of their discography "Roulette Dares", but they more than made up for it. Aside from that, the only thing that brought the show down a bit was standing on the fringe of the 'mosh pit'. However,towards the end of the show Cedric asked them to stop, and I really appreciated that. I kind of expected him to say something earlier given his opinion about the topic, but better late than never I suppose.

Another highlight of the show was when Cedric addressed the two previous cancellations with a brief chat with the crowd that went something along the lines of this:

"You probably thought I was in the tour bus just smokin' weed...
But I was actually in the tour bus sick AND smokin' weed.
...Big difference
So, for that, we'll play an old one"
(*again, that's roughly what he said)

photo of me with 100% of the dinosaur population attending the show.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos, I thought they turned out pretty well. You can see my whole album here. In conclusion, from my experience, I'll leave you with this advice; see these guys when they are headlining, you will not regret it.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Everyone Likes It

I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be advertising, but I'm positive it's doing a great job, ha. Hats off to "Cleatus's Farm Equipment n' Such's" marketing division...

(location: Ashland, OH Route 60)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goliath, Are You Receiving?

Sept 12 finally peaked it's head around the corner. Tomorrow is the scheduled re-re-reschedule for the Mars Volta Newport show. As you may know, it is no longer being held at the Newport, but the LC. I'm still optimistic, I think they will make up for it with an amazing show. Hopefully they will do something cool for the Newport ticket holders.

Anyway, I'll be back Saturday night with at least some pictures. Hopefully, they are of a concert this time instead of police escorting people away from the venue.

/Crosses Fingers,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hydrogen Vs. Boost: Translated

Ha, found this video on digg a second ago, made my night. Check it out.

An Amazing Find: Andrew Bird

After purchasing Andrew Bird's Live at Austin City Limits today, I stumbled across this gem on youtube. It's a short documentary on Andrew Bird titled "Weather Systems". It's really nice to see an artist like this on such a personal level, and comforting knowing that he's just a normal guy aside from all the talent of course. Anyway, check it out, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Cool Kids

Thanks to, here you are. Just hit the download or play button, it's free because of some totally hip marketing scheme from some soda company. Whatever, free cool kids! Chitown Waz good?

This Should Be a Good Year

The Walkmen just put down a performance of their latest single "In the New Year" off of their album You and Me which was deservingly praised by me. Anyway, they are featured over at on Juan's Basement. Here is the clip, enjoy.

I gotta say, stellar performance fellas.

And if you would like to see these guys for yourself (and I suggest you do), they will be playing at the Basement on Sept 15 in Columbus. If you're in town, I wouldn't advise you to miss it.

Back to watching Apple's "let's rock" event unfold,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Naked People!

Heh, I found a new favorite banner ad while shopping for some new treads over at zappos. What a great way to get people to click your link. Kudos to you zappos marketing team.

Unfortunately, the following isn't exactly what I though I would see after clicking the link.

It's cool though zappos, I shouldn't expect that of you, I'm sorry. I'm glad I could advertise your "clothing" on my page. Now just drop the prices on the New Balance 420's and we will be cool.

Snake? Consent?

Well when I woke up today the colbert report was on, SCORE!

I guess I don't know all that much about David Patterson besides him being blind and having an affair. But he seems like a real cool dude.

I'd love to stay and chat but I'm on my way to the pet store,

ton-e-wok #5

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Office Teaser

Hey don't forget about the office season 5 premier on Sept 25. Here is the new teaser. Have a look...

Although this is completely unrelated, here is a screen of myspace's homepage that I just had to grab. Mainly just to let people know. The Issue of how hard Avril rocks has finally been put to rest by Myspace's finest.

It's just So true. And I really wanna check out that Rottweiler who loves a kitten.

top 5 bands that rock equally hard if not harder than Avril (in no order)
5) Metallica (St. Anger Era)
4) The NEW new kids on the block
3) A Flock of Seagulls
2) vintage new kids on the block
1) Kenny G

go browns,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crossing My Fingers For Tuesday

Well it looks like a photo of the new nano has leaked (possibly). This redesign seems pointless to me. I actually like the more square approach. To me, having obviously not handled the new device, it seems the screen will feel smaller since it is so narrow, much like the generation before. That is, unless they include the "turn it sideways" function that a lot of media players are getting nowadays.

Then we get to the subject of memory. Massive amounts of flash memory seems to be the future of the ipod. Just thinking of an 80 gig ipod classic makes my wallet open a bit. But more realistically, I would love to see a 16 gig nano. I'm not asking for 32, as I realize they need something to release down the line. I don't think 16 is so much to ask for. Then again, we are talking about the nano, so I bet they keep it 4/8 gigs. There is always the Touch I suppose. The touch has just always been slightly out of my price range. But, with the rumors of price cuts to the ipod line to defend them from the monster that is the iphone, that could change.

Also, an itunes update has been confirmed, and that's all well and good. But, I have a feeling apple has something up their sleeve. Maybe this is me just being desperate, but what if they reveal the rumored itunes subscription plan. Not only would that be awesome, but I think it would be an excellent move to boost album sales.

Welp, regardless, we'll see on Tuesday. Oh hey, Spore comes out tomorrow!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Comic

Yeah yeah, lack of posting...
This should cheer you up.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Look At What's Happening On Sept 9th

Hey there are some killer albums coming out in September...

Fujiya and Miyagi - Lightbulbs
I don't know about you but I can't get enough of their funk inspired electronic sounds. Their last LP Transparent Things was excellent. It was an excellent album to put on and just chill. I've heard what I think will be their single called "knickerbocker", and although I can't decipher what the lyrics could mean, it's a great groove.

Okkervil River - The Stand Ins
I haven't heard anything from this album yet, but I've read some people opinions about the leaks and it seems to be received pretty well. The name makes me think that it will continue in the same style of The Stage Names due to the play inspired title, heh. Either way, really excited for this one.

Metallica - Death Magnetic
Yep, from what I heard, I would say Metallica is back. I've heard three of the leaks and it is so comforting that they are playing metal again. If you head over to Hype Machine you can stream the songs. Although I haven't listened to Metallica in a while, I'm pumped to hear this in all it's glory. I'm also excited to hear what all the haters have to say.

Some other interesting ones coming out later in September include:

The Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty
Tom Morello - The Fabled City
and who could forget
George Clinton - George Clinton and some Gangsters of Love...

Looks like September is gonna be a good month for my Best of 08 list.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Vid: Grand Ole Party

Well yesterday I posted the video from Flight of the Conchords, today I have another video from that same show I watched. However, I didn't catch the name when I saw the video. Needless to say, I found it. It was actually a song by a band named Grand Ole Party and it's called "Look Out Young Son". Lately I've had a pretty shabby connection and not knowing the name of this killer tune has been bugging me.

Glad I found it, check it out.

I think her voice sounds like Jack White served warm with a side of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Now if only mtv/mtv2 will get back to playing music, but that's a whole different topic.

Ewok Gospel Vid

Ha, a friend of mine just sent me this video. The world is finally realizing that the bar of humor has ewok on tap, and it's happy hour. Ewok gospel, check it out.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Made You a Sweet Mixtape

So yesterday I was checking out the hype machine and I really forgot how much I enjoy that site. I was checking out some of the new bloc party, of montreal and some others. Then, I saw an ad to check out their new merch and figured why not check it out. The first thing to catch my eye was the cassette tape inspired flash drives. Ahem, or the new reusable mixtape if you will. I then followed it back to makeamixa. They let you upload your own design or pick from their previously made designs and clip art. That is such a stupid/fun/quirky idea, it makes me kinda like it. Hmm, decent Christmas gift idea, no? Is it bad that I want a 16gb version? Get on it Mixa!

On the flip side, that device would look pretty damn stupid coming out of a laptop/desktop, but then again, sorta funny/cute. Regardless, I dig the idea.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Goes Out To All the Ladies

Today I was watching the show Subterranean on mtv, or 'MUSIC TELEVISION', and I now have a new favorite music video. Although I haven't been able to watch many of the Flight of the Conchords episodes due to lack of HBO, I have been a huge fan of everything I've heard/seen. The guys are pure comedic genius. Although I've heard this live, on youtube, and on their LP; this has got to be my favorite incarnation. The video is so good that it offset the 14 billion "free x-box" and "text 'PATHETIC' to 6886 to find out if you truly are an idiot' commercials.

Have a look:

Friday, August 22, 2008

ton-e-wok #4

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King Trailer

Although I've been clean for a little over than a year now, I've gotta say, the new trailer looks amazing. Gotta hand it to ya Blizzard, it is truly a work of art. The nerd inside of me got a little giddy while I watched it. I'm going to have to try extremely hard not to buy this once it is released. Anyway, check it out..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Lolla Photos For Ya

Well, it has actually taken a year to get some photos up from Lollapalooza. But, I finally got a hold of them and I'd like to show you a few of my favorites. Blogger kills a lot of the quality so feel free to click the image to see it in it's true form.

Also, when you don't have a super expensive/awesome camera it is hard to get decent band photos because of how hardcore you have to be to get up front. So, I focused on some of the other happenings at Grant Park as well. Enjoy.


broken social scene

radiohead blur "art"

holla we want prenup,"WE WANT PRE-NUP!" ..."YEAHHH"

chi town whaz good?

patrick on the drum kit

crowd involvement

radiohead LED





some friends of mine.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Relevant Comic: The Music Nerd's Burden

Saw this over at Dustinland. No one know our struggle, haha.

Feel free to click to enlarge.

Monday, August 18, 2008

ton-e-wok #3

Click image to expand.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's Good? (concert edition)

Holy crap! there are some excellent shows coming up. Although my concert spending budget right now has been reduced to nothing, I'll list some of the shows that caught my eye in the upcoming months.

8/19 Handsome Furs - Skully's
8/22 Aesop Rock - Skully's
8/28 Silver Jews - Milo Arts
9/12 The Mars Volta - The LC ***3rd re-schedule is a charm
9/15 The Walkmen - The Basement
9/16 Maps and Atlases - The Basement
9/20 Sunset Rubdown - Skully's
9/23 Evangelicals - Skully's
9/29 Born Ruffians - Skully's
10/6 Fleet Foxes - The Wex
10/6 Death Cab for Cutie - The LC
10/7 The Black Keys - The LC
10/12 The Cold War Kids - Newport

... and that's far enough into the future. Anyway, it is going to be challenging cutting back on shows with acts like that coming through town. I do really need to make it to Skully's at least once, I've never been there.


Remember like a week ago when TV got a hold of the "Mountak Monster"? There's no way you do, it was like a whole week or two ago. Well, regardless, networks have learned a valuable lesson; People LOVE THAT SHIT. I am included, I wanna see just as much crazy stuff as the next guy. I got google reader on lockdown, son.

Anyway, did you see Bigfoot? I'm really pulling for this one, although I feel a minimum amount of confidence.

I was really hoping for a blonde bigfoot, something more along the lines of Dr. Zaius. Anyways, check out CNN's really uninformative article here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ton-e-wok #2

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gonna Go See Clone Wars...

Going to see the new Star Wars: Clone Wars tonight. * ended up not going... My expectations are mediocre, I'm just hoping for a respectable effort that leads into a decent cartoon that I will catch from time to time. I don't think that is too much to ask. But, I couldn't help but check it's MetaScore, and it currently has a 40/100, which is NOT very good. However, it doesn't have many reviews yet and from it seems people are almost expecting/wanting it to be bad.

I'll hit ya back with a review asap.

It's got to at least beat that trailer...

pretty funny/interesting star wars countdown article at rotten tomatos...


Welp, apparently sometime in the past 2 weeks I have become a Gnarls Barkley fanboy, heh. I ended up seeing them at Lollapalooza even though I didn't plan on it. They happened to be on before Kanye West, and wow I made the correct accidental decision. I've been a fan of Danger Mouse productions for quite some time, but for some reason I always dismissed Gnarls Barkley. Then last weekend they played at the New American Music Union, which was close to the same set, but still amazing. Yet another band that I've learned to appreciate after a live show.

Anyway, my friend still has all my pictures from Lollapalooza on his computer (FAIL). So, I don't know when I will get around to posting those. But, in the meantime, here are some pictures from NAMU-fest (heh, we decided that was easier to say). Unfortunately I forgot my camera for Fridays show, so I don't have any pictures of The Black Keys or The Roots. Having seen The Black Keys I knew what to expect from them, but the Roots, wow... That was some of the best live music I have heard.

Black Mountain's sweeping, epic soundscapes were a pleasant surprise to the festival.

Gnarls Barkley sure is something something else. I've been listening to them constantly since. Not only do Cee-Lo and Danger have great chemistry, but the backing band is excellent as well.

Spoon was great as usual. This time was even more enjoyable with the addition of a brass section.

I listened to The Raconteurs first album Broken Boy Soldiers quite a bit when it came out. For some reason I never got around to listening to the new album Consolers of the Lonely all that much. But all of it sure was impressive. Jack White alone brings so much energy to the stage, throw in the rest of the band and you have a deserving opener for Bob Dylan.

I never thought I would ever get a chance to see Bob Dylan. Although due to aging, his voice has taken on a Tom Waits-esque raspiness, he still puts on quite a show. Although he sticks to vocals/harmonica/keyboards, it is still nice to see one of historys most influencial musicians.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What's With Car Commercials These Days?

I have developed a talent for recognizing songs in commercials. Although it is somewhat of an invaluable talent, I have noticed some things. Car commercials "GOT IT GOIN' ON", as the kids say. Perhaps I should go into the "car-songing" industry.

But seriously, it seems a lot of car companies are going a more indie route. I'm not sure if it's just because they are catchy, cheaper to use, or just the taste of the marketing folks.

The above video shows Dodge giving the band Grandaddy some love... I've been listening to them a lot recently, and I commend their choice. Oh yeah, do you guys recognize this song from the grocery store scene from 28 days later?

And he is another one from Dodge rocking some Apples In Stereo. The song is "The Sun Is Out" off of their critically acclaimed LP New Magnetic Wonder. I also heard a song by them on the Instinct cell phone commercial. And The Colbert Report has been more than supportive due to their song titled "Stephen", which is a tribute to the man himself.

I also noticed Chevy and Pontiac both rocking The Silversun Pickup's "lazy eye". Could this be a sign of a huge change in American pop music, the beginning of a new era? Only a matter of time until songs like the above mentioned will be getting more mainstream air time. Once the present radio industry dies, things will become very interesting.

This leads me to another question; What will classic rock stations be playing in 20 years? Who will be "our" Poison? My guess would be Nickelback... Love or hate them, they own them charts single after single.

Oh yeah, kinda got distracted, I really wanted to tell you all about this website I have been going to for the past year or so. It's name is Adtunes and it is perhaps one of the greatest tools of our day...forums to find out tv commercial music.

Sorry, I've been watching a lot of tv during my stay in Columbus...

Feel free to comment any tv commercial music you like?

The Rundown

Well, I am currently in Columbus without my computer, camera, or car. I think that counts as being stranded, but I'm staying at a friends house, so it's all good. The pictures for Lollapalooza and NAMU-fest are going to be a little delayed. So, hang in there, I know you are dying to see my semi-ok pictures. Next festival I go to (which will probably be forever from now), I am going to attempt to get a press pass.

Oh yeah, and I guess I never explained the comic...

Well, me and my pal Fill came up with an idea for a comic, and I figured you guys wouldn't mind checking it out. We'd really appreciate comments, but go easy on us, heh. So, I'm hoping it will be a weekly or 2-a-week kinda deal.

Anyway, it's the story of an ewok who is attempting to find his way home to Endor, but gives up to pursue an ordinary urban lifestyle. It makes complete sense...

shut up


Friday, August 8, 2008

Ton-E-Wok #1: 8/8/08

Keep checking back as the story unfolds...


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reviewing Pitchfork's Review of Lolla-Sunday


Usually a pretty good source of information in my opinion, but when it comes to reviews my respect dwindles a tad. But then again, I suppose it depends on the person. Regardless, my new least favorite Pitchfork reviewer would have to be Amy Phillips...

My photos from Lollapalooza are still on my buddies computer so I figured I may as well read what Pitchfork (article) has to say about it.

On the topic of the Gnarls Barkley performance:

"...But the party was just not getting started. These "fun" songs felt labored, like everybody was trying too hard..."
-Amy Phillips of Pitchfork

First off, I'm not sure what Gnarls Barkley performance she saw, but the people around me were definitely feeling it. I suppose there is the possibility of her looking solely at the people that were waiting around for Kanye who *didn't* like Gnarls. Regardless, I can pretty much confirm that the people who were actually interested in seeing Gnarls Barkley really enjoyed it. Also, I'm fairly confident that the "trying hard" impression is part of the "prep school uniform" act (see pitchfork photos).

Unfortunatley that isn't the worst part. She goes on to review the Mark Ronson performance. I heard this one from a distance while securing a good spot for Kanye at the Bud Light Stage. I don't hide the fact that Ronson's Version is undoubtedly my favorite album to put on to get liven up the party, nothing hits the spot like those jazzy energetic covers. Needless to say, that made this next quote the nail in the coffin for me, heh.

"...After all that, it was actually a relief when Alex Greenwald of pop-punk band Phantom Planet stormed the stage in true rock star fashion. Though his and Ronson's cover of Radiohead's "Just" is dreadful..."

Wow, me and Amy must be polar opposites. That is probably close to, if not, my favorite cover of all time. She also goes on to say...

"...The whole thing was a huge clusterfuck, the music was mostly terrible, and the crowd didn't know the words to songs that might have been huge hits in England, but barely registered here in America..."

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I'm having a really hard time respecting hers. Needless to say, I'm through reading Pitchfork's coverage of Lollapalooza. I encourage you all to check out this track or go to youtube/AT&T blue room and decide for yourselves.

more to come,

Monday, August 4, 2008

More to Come...

Well, I'm not back yet, but here is a video of some happenings during the festival. The video is so fitting for the song. I'll be back with more pics and reviews tomorrow or the next day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be On the Lookout!

Well, I'll be heading over to Chicago tomorrow for Lollapolooza. Be prepared for an onslaught of pictures, and perhaps some reviews when I get back.

NIN or Kanye?
Broken Social Scene, Lupe, or Wilco?
autographs or up front?
Oh the decisions!

Have a good weekend everybody,

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

This is a new one by Grizzly Bear. To be honest, until recently I was not very familiar with their music. I first heard the guys voice over at a pitchfork festival 2007 video of a Girl Talk live performance. He came in and started singing and the song was stuck in my head all day. This led me to their website and yadda yadda yadda....

I really dig this performance. You can catch them on tour with Radiohead this summer - I'm Looking at you Cuyahoga Falls.

Anyway, happy monday,


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Can't We Wear A Sherlock Costume With Shiny Underpants?

I have attempted to get into this band for some time, and to no avail. This video has inspired me to try again and try again. This is Les Savy Fav at the Pitchfork Music Festival performing "We'll Make A Lover Of You". Truly an awesome performance, gotta love the crazy off the wall shit.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Listening To: Great Northern - Sleepy Eepee

Alright, I just wanna get this out of the way, I really can't stand the album name. Luckily my response to the music is the complete opposite. So this EP was apparently recorded before their debut album "Trading Twilight for Daylight". I really enjoyed their debut, full of haunting, melodic vocals and dreamy soundscapes. It's hard to believe that after Trading Twilight, they had a few more unreleased gems. Sleepy Eepee picks up where Trading Twilight for Daylight...uh...started? The album gives a lot of the same vibes, which is a good thing.

I have been looking for a copy of this album for some time and I'm really glad I could finally give it a listen. Sleepy Eepee is perfect for putting on and just soaking in your surroundings. I first listened to it on a 12 hour car ride, and I can honestly say, it made those 25 or so minutes of the ride a lot more enjoyable.

The music has an epic feel to it, like something meaningful should be happening when the song is being played. A while back I noticed they were featured on this really dramatic NBA playoff commercial, perfect usage, my props go out to NBA marketing.

The standout song on the EP is definitely "This is a Problem" in my opinion. Solon Bixler takes the lead on the vocals on this track. His vocal style seems very relaxed, fitting in perfectly with the dreamy synths and shoegazing. The piano in this song is really what grabs me though, it really ties together the unique vocal harmonies resulting in a very climactic 4 minute and 42 second journey.

That is two extremely solid releases by the group, and I think there will be plenty more to come. It is the perfect blend of catchy, relaxing, and melodic music. I would like to personally thank Solon for ditching 30 Seconds to Mars in favor of Great Northern. I would keep an eye out for this band.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Talkin' bout Chi-Town

So, apparently the Pitchfork festival went pretty good. Some videos including Sebadoh, Animal Collective, Public Enemy, Spoon, M.Ward, and Jarvis Cocker have surfaced on youtube. The proverbial "Noise" was apparently brought. So make sure you check those out, and I wish you well on your inevitable youtube journey.

Oh and this kinda caught my eye, it's Spoon's "Mountain to Sound", guest starring Bradford Cox from Atlas Sound/Deerhunter. They dusted off the ole Soft Effects EP for that one, pretty cool performance.

Speaking of Chicago festivals, I FINALLY bought my Lollapolooza tickets after much procrastination, so hopefully I'll have some pics/perhaps video of my own when August rolls around. Chicago is a pretty happenin' place.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Third Times A Charm

Well, just so none of us faithful ticket holders forget about the show that got canceled twice in Columbus, here is a Volta video. If they bring this type of energy to the show, I think I'll be able to forgive them. There are a bunch of videos over at yahoo music, happened to stumble onto them a few moments ago. Make sure to check em out here.

The Mars Volta - Sept 12 - The LC


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two things:

I finally went back and read the comments for the indiana gregg post, and I'd like to say:

I'm Sorry Indiana, the last bit was not directed at you, and I don't think you're rich or that you do coke--Just a bit of sloppy writing on my part. AND I'm sorry I said that thing about the guy with a boner. Although I still disagree with you on the sharing thing. So there's that.

Anyway, here's how I'm feeling:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Emotions Running Wild At the Beach

Ha, I saw this from the balcony and just HAD to take a picture. Look close... Apparently someone wasn't having that good of a time at the beach. Art Photo award please.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Now Playing: The Dark Knight

I'm not sure if there is a better way to see a movie than going to the 12 o'clock premier. It makes the movie that much more exciting. Not that a film with the anticipation and prestige of a title like Batman needs any added excitement. Anyway, I made it to the theater for the premier, and I gotta say, after the first movie, I was expecting quite a bit out of the film, and I had a good amount of confidence that I wouldn't be disappointed.

The film continues where the first left off with Batman being introduced to the new villain in Gotham, The Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger. The Joker, the most recognizable of Batman's classic foes, is made out to be a manipulative loony anarchist. He seems to be obsessed with the psychology of both Batman and the people of Gotham, testing their limits of humanity with desperation and vengeance.

Also, as with the first, Batman, although busy with maintaining his playboy status, still manages to keep a love interest, Rachel Dawes, who is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal (previously Katie Holmes). I just read on wikipedia that it was due to scheduling conflicts...weak excuse, Ms Holmes. I was a bit torn up by this decision, due to my celebrity crush on her, but I quickly got over it during the movie.

The film also introduces the familiar villain of Harvey Dent or more commonly known as "Two-Face". I'm not gonna ruin any of the surprises, but Aaron Eckhart plays an excellent part as the chance taking "bad guy".

The movie as a whole is unlike any other brand of superhero franchise out there at the current time. While it seems as though most modern superhero flicks, referring mostly to movies taking place in the marvel universe, attempt to add some comedy and lighter moments to the film, Christopher Nolan opted to take a much more dark and serious route. This is mainly due to the excellent performance by Heath Ledger. His portrayal of the Joker is pure demented terror. I personally would be shocked if it wasn't an Oscar-winning performance. Truly a shame that the young actor recently passed away.

In conclusion, I would go so far as to say this is the best movie I have seen in some time. I would recommend seeing it ASAP, and definitely catching up with the series if you missed out on Batman Begins. The Dark Knight truly is the pinnacle of the barrage of modern superhero movies, and I'm really crossing my fingers that the series continues.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


...which is the name of a song by MUSE, my still-favorite band. Here's a lyrical snippet:

Faith, it drives me away
But it turns me on
Like a strangers love
It rockets through the universe
It fuels the lies, it feeds the curse
And we too could be

I like this lyric because it expresses what I felt last night: I was gazing into the Ocean's blackness long after the beach had emptied, and it suddenly revealed itself as a perfect metaphor for my belief in the Universe: All I can see is an insignificant little piece of this huge blackness that is filled with so much life and which laughably dwarfs my own existence. Who knows what the Universe contains? Other worlds? Other beings? God himself? Humans are an insignificant speck on an insignificant speck.

It's a great song too...I am so devoted to Muse because of songs like Glorious:


Monday, July 14, 2008

Where da Shows Be?

I really lucked out on my last out-of-state trip. It just so happened that one of the most exciting bands I've seen live, British Sea Power, was in town. Today I was looking through the events to check if I might have lucked out yet again. Unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of Matisyahu, although I do appreciate what he has done for the "hasidic reggae" genre. Regardless, after reading a bit about his life, I think he would be a really cool guy to meet. Also, a few spots down on the list I saw the R&B dancing sensation, Mario, has lined up a gig. I'd t o t a l l y be game, but I don't think any performance can top when he opened up for T-Pain at the free OUAB event last year at Ohio State. Heh, talented guy, no doubt, just not my cup of tea.

I find it hard to believe that the only events scheduled during the week are at the local House of Blues. I don't know if we have any readers from the great state of South Carolina, but if so, think you could point me in the right direction?

Haha, s'all good though, I'm more than content knowing that the New American Music Union Festival and hopefully Lollapolooza are looming around the corner. The Beach doesn't hurt either ;)

Take 'er easy everybody,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Listening To: The Walkmen - You and Me

Well, if you've been reading this for a while, you might have noticed that the Walkmen have grown to my liking significantly over multiple concerts and album listens. Although they do have that NYC post punk vibe, the Walkmen go about it in a different way then most. Their instrumentation really only plays the role of setting the mood and almost always seems to be building up to some type of climax. Hamilton Leithauser truly is THE band in my opinion. The strength of his voice is quite impressive, like a vocal explosion being set off by the winding grove ambience of the rest of the bands haunting instrumentation.

On You and Me, the band doesn't seem to deviate from this formula much, but rather, chose to continue and refine, which is always a good choice. Too many critics bash bands for their lack of innovation, which is double edged sword in most situations because a change in style normally results in a drop in quality. The Walkmen need not worry about either of those options, because they just flat out make it work, and I'm sure once some more reviews come out, critics will agree.

To me, it seems You and Me is a more personal and mature album for the band. A lot of the songs are pretty meandering and filled with obvious attachment. Lots of horns and piano are scattered across the album creating a more serious and heartfelt mood. The wait has been worth it, this album should rank pretty high on my charts this year, and I'm sure you will dig it if you are a fan. If not, give them some listens before you dismiss it. Like I said above, it took me two live performances and multiple album listens before I fell in love. Perhaps You could have the same moment of enlightenment as Me.

oh yeah, ticketmaster just sent this to me:
The Walkmen
The Basement, Columbus
9/15/08, 7:30

I hope you caught that Pun at the end,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winner and still champion...

...because I'm going to the beach two days before tony. Ha.

Also, a graph:

Here I am...

Hey there everybody!


...way to be awesome

I've been having some wireless trouble at the 'ole crib, preventing me from gettin' online and such. But I got something ghetto rigged currently to give you the hap. Anyway, I'm gonna gank a new router from staples to try and figure out the problem. Seems like everything always breaks around the same time. (Bike derailer died last week) But what can ya do besides try and ghetto rig something temporary and procrastinate, right?

Anyway, Monday I'm heading to the beach with the fam, hopefully I'll get a few posts in before I leave.

Keep it real,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sountrack: Dan In Real Life

Happy Tuesday ya'll. Today is kind of an unusual post, unusual because I'm not usually one for soundtracks. However, a few days back I rented the movie Dan In Real Life with Steve Carrel. I just saw his face and rented it, I'm a pretty big fan, not sure how you can't be. But anyway, it ended up being a 'cute' romantic comedy, which I am in no way above. I gots feelings too, heh. The supporting cast was pretty impressive too, with Dane Cook, the dad in Frasier, and the lady that replaces Toby in the Office.

But anyway, the real stand out was the soundtrack. The majority of it is done by a Norweigen artist by the name of Sondre Lerche, and let me tell you it could be the 'feel-good-pick-me-up' you've been looking for. There are also some appearances by Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy and his band that goes by the name of 'Faces Down'. I'm definitley going to check out his other work, in which he goes by either Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down or Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down Quartet. It's just some real uplifting feel good pop with a bit of a swing vibe.

So definitley check out the movie, unless you are too manly. Oh yeah, and the soundtrack :) I should start giving more soundtracks a shot. Lesson learned...

Sondre Lerche lastfm : here

See you on the other side,