Thursday, June 21, 2007

Review: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Se Dice Bisonte, No Buffalo/ Paul McCartney: Memory Almost Full

6/21/07- Recently, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's new album titled "Se Dice Bisonte, No Buffalo" has been released. The album features members of The Mars Volta as well as Money Mark Ramos-Nishita. Unlike previous albums, the new release features vocals on three different songs. The vocals are produced by The Mars Volta's own Cedric Bixler Zavala.

The album begins with an intro, leading into a jazzy psychedelic instrumental beauty. Then Omar introduces the listener to the much awaited "Rapid Fire Tollbooth", which has been teasing Volta fans for some time, as he is accompanied by Cedric. The album continues in its psychedelic feel leading up to the title track in which Cedric is featured again during a spacey piano based volta-esque jam. However, the pinnacle of the album becomes evident as the listener is introduced to the Rodriguez-Lopez instrumental epic titled "Please Heat This Eventually", featuring many jazz aspects, as well as Lopez's signature onslaught of psychedelic guitar riffs. The album comes to an end with another strong vocal driven tune which does this well crafted album a great bit of justice.

Track Listing
1) The Lukewarm
2) Luxury of Infancy
3) Rapid Fire Tollbooth
4) Thermometer Drinking the Bussness of Turnstiles
5) Se Dice Bisonte, No Buffalo
6) If Gravity Lulls, I Can Hear the World Pant
7) Please Heat This Eventually
8) Lurking About In a Cold Sweat (Held Together By Venom)
9) Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On
10) La Tirania De La Tradicion

Despite being a great piece of art, psychedelic rock is not very easy to access able to the common listener. However, with some patience, the beauty of this record can be obtained. If I was trying to get a friend into some new music, I would not quite rec commend this album, as it may not appeal to someone right away. Having said that, I hope that some of you can enjoy this album, as it truly is a well put together record that not doesn't necessarily need the traditional pattern of most music to flourish. I definitely think this album deserves a spin, especially if you enjoy anything Omar or The Mars Volta has done in the past.


6/21/07- Paul McCartney has released a new album titled "Memory Almost Full". This album was released on the newly formed Hear Music Label, owned by the Starbucks Coffee company. The new album has been labeled as having a "wings-esque" sound. Also, the single "Dance Tonight" was featured in a recent Ipod commercial.

The album begins with the happy-go-lucky sounds of the pop masterpiece "Dance Tonight", a song that instantly creates a feel good sensation for the listener. The second single of the album, "Ever Present Past", quickly follows as a nice pop companion. The sunny sounds continue throughout the whole album building upon one another creating a fun, easily accessable album for all to enjoy. Many people questioned the album due to the newly founded Starbucks Label, but there is very little wrong with Paul's most recent creation. Memory Almost Full makes an excellent edition to McCartney's musical journey, as well as a spectacular album to put you in the mood for summer.

Track Listing
1) Dance Tonight
2) Ever Present Past
3) See Your Sunshine
4) Only Mama Knows
5) You Tell Me
6) Mr. Bellamy
7) Gratitude
8) Vintage Clothes
9) That Was Me
10) Feet In The Clouds
11) House Of Wax
12) The End Of The End
13) Nod Your Head

The album is full of easy listening pop songs that are incredibly hummable. If you have ever enjoyed any of Paul's early work ranging from the Beatles to his numerous solo attempts, then this is the album for you. Give it a spin, you cannot help but feel good listening to it.


hello sunshine, it's missy said...

oh my. i bought the album the moment i saw it.
it's one of my top ten favorites, for sure.
mr. bellamy is so unreasonably great, it makes my head hurt.
do you agree? =]

t0ny said...

I do Agree.