Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picks: Midway Winter Quarter Playlist!

Just got back from the Will Ferrel funny or die tour, well a few hours ago, it was awesome. I've never really seen live comedy besides like amateur night at this one small comedy club in Akron. It was really cool. It opened with Zach Galifinakas, then Dimitri Martin, and Nick Swardson. Although, I must say the highlight of the evening was when Ron Burgandy interviewed Gordon Gee.

Anyway, the meaning of this post is to give kind of a play-list of some songs I've been listening to non-stop. I've had good luck on free legal downloads as of these past couple weeks. If I were a DJ, this would be my Mix.

Check it out:

Winter Quarter Midway Playlist

1) Clinic - Harvest
2) Elf Power - Spiral Stairs
3) Joe Purdy - Just Can't Get It Right
4) The Whigs - Production City
5) Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme
6) Great Northern - Home
7) Islands - The Arm
8) MGMT - Kids
9) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Baltimore
10) White Denim - Paint Silver Gold
11) Vampire Weekend - Boston
12) !!! - The Step
13) (ABX) - Punk Your Mind
14) Blitzen Trapper - Miss Spiritual Tramp
15) The Main Drag - All My Friends
16) Destroyer - Blue Flower, Blue Flame

Special thanks to GorillaVsBear, RCRD_LBL, Pitchfork, and other places not to be named for the free downloads...

If you have not checked any of those songs out, I'd highly recommend it, and if you cant find them, send me a tell and I could probably hook you up. Some songs are new, others are just songs I missed that I really am enjoying. Hope you like 'em, they are a pretty upbeat bunch.


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