Sunday, March 30, 2008

Live Review: British Sea Power with the 1900's

Well, Do You? Last Thursday I went to the British Sea Power show at the Basement. BSP played with the 1900's, who I, previously, had never listened to. Once I got about half way there (via bus), I had realized that I forgot the camera that I had just brought to Columbus. My once epic camera phone has been replaced with a better phone, but shittier camera (still happy with the phone). So, to sum it up, I have no pictures for ya. Anyway, my little trouble was easily overridden by the 1900's performance. First off, they had a whole troop on that little stage. I had never listened to any of their stuff so I didn't really know what to expect. To me it sounded like rock music that was heavily inspired by the pre-psychedelic and post psychedelic eras of the late 60's early 70's. They were extremely talented and put on a pretty good show. Aside from the drunken outbursts by some idiot from the crowd that is. But, the 1900's quickly whipped up some sarcastic comebacks to combat the simpleton's jeers.

Then, after about a 45 minute wait, British Sea Power came on, and it was well worth the wait. They came out to the intro of their new album titled "Do You Like Rock Music?". From there they played some favorites from earlier albums as well as a few from the new one, such as: Atom, Waving Flags, and so on. The amount of energy was pretty insane. As the night went on, they continuously topped what ever benchmark they had previously set. Also, as they each got a few deep, the antics on the stage became more and more amusing. Things such as opening bottles with eye sockets, jumping off keyboards, climbing the pipes that go over top the crowd, and crowd surfing make for an excellent show. Highly recommended that you see these guys live, they really know how to entertain.

and to be extremely cliche: yes...I like Rock Music :)

Sorry for the delay and I'll have pics next time,



Anonymous said...

But does it blend?!?

t0ny said...

does what blend?

t0ny said...

does what blend?