Monday, September 15, 2008

What I've Been Diggin'

Well, with one measly week left until I head back down to Columbus, I have been blessed with plenty of time to listen to some new artists...

The first of which is a bluesy rock act called The Parlor Mob. I came across them through the Lollapalooza music sampler. Which is both awesome because of the free mp3, but depressing because it made me realize I missed their stage during my short trip to Chicago. Nonetheless, the band rocks pretty hard. I hear similarities to Cold War Kids, The White Stripes and The Black Keys. However, they totally have a style and sound of their own. The only thing that trumps the quality of their debut album And You Were A Crow is the reception of their live act. Definitely be on the lookout for this band, I know I will.

The second band I wanted to mention briefly go by the name of the Postelles. I came across their EP, gave it a listen, and had to grab it. Unfortunately, I missed them at Lollapalooza too. But, I suppose that is the double bladed sword aspect of a music festival, can't see 'em all. But anyway, back to the band. They have a very infectious poppy sound, you'll be humming along like you've known the songs for years. While they have that modern indie-pop/garage feel similar to a vampire weekend-strokes combo, they give me a oldie vibe, like the beatles or other 'British Invasion' bands. Ha, regardless of my vague description, you should check em out if you like anything Albert Hammond Jr./The Stokes have done.

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