Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random: inj00rEEz OH NOES!

7/22/07 - Hey there everybody, I come baring, or more precisely bearing, bad news. Your beloved blogmaster has injured himself. I was walking through the forest on a dark and dreary night, looking for a dropped contact with no light source. I was making decent progress when all of a sudden I heard a rattling in the bush. I was intrigued of course, having recently been trained in the Jedi arts. Before I could take another step, a rabid bear came charging out of the bush. The bear looked to be about ten feet tall with claws made of pure titanium, the most badass of all metals. I drew out my lightsabre and sliced off one of his legs. He then began hopping towards me, ever so swiftly. Suddenly, he began to smile, which caused me much confusion. He then tapped my shoulders causing me to take a step back. Little did I know his bear friend was on all fours behind me. This nasty trick caused me to tear my ACL. I then got up and slayed them both. Rough day, so I'll probably be updating this more as a result of being less active due to the injury.

Stay Tuned.

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