Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live...Uh...Review: Man Man with Yeasayer at the Wex

So it has been getting pathetic how little effort I seem to be putting into these reviews. Also, this took place literally like almost two weeks ago. I've been unmotivated and apathetic due to the way school has been going this quarter. But, the concert rocked, and I think it should be shared. Anyway, I'm gonna post some pics/vids from the Yeasayer/ Man Man concert that took place at the Wex. Yeasayer was everything I hoped they would be, also really neat video in the background while they played. As for Man Man, I didn't know much about them going into the show, but I can honestly say they are (in the words of Zach) "Bat-Shit-Crazy" a good way. Lemme put it this way, you get quite the show for your money, whether you dig it or not. However, I didn't really get any good pictures of Man Man (besides the one above), it was hard to capture the essence of their show.

Here we go:

Yeasayer live at the Wex

"2080" crazy...


I did manage to record most of their (single I believe) song "Sunrise", which was an amazing performance, check it out. Again, sorry for the consecutive half-ass write ups. I'll try and not make it a habit, but it has been a while, heh.

keep on keepin' on,

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