Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Made You a Sweet Mixtape

So yesterday I was checking out the hype machine and I really forgot how much I enjoy that site. I was checking out some of the new bloc party, of montreal and some others. Then, I saw an ad to check out their new merch and figured why not check it out. The first thing to catch my eye was the cassette tape inspired flash drives. Ahem, or the new reusable mixtape if you will. I then followed it back to makeamixa. They let you upload your own design or pick from their previously made designs and clip art. That is such a stupid/fun/quirky idea, it makes me kinda like it. Hmm, decent Christmas gift idea, no? Is it bad that I want a 16gb version? Get on it Mixa!

On the flip side, that device would look pretty damn stupid coming out of a laptop/desktop, but then again, sorta funny/cute. Regardless, I dig the idea.

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