Monday, August 11, 2008

What's With Car Commercials These Days?

I have developed a talent for recognizing songs in commercials. Although it is somewhat of an invaluable talent, I have noticed some things. Car commercials "GOT IT GOIN' ON", as the kids say. Perhaps I should go into the "car-songing" industry.

But seriously, it seems a lot of car companies are going a more indie route. I'm not sure if it's just because they are catchy, cheaper to use, or just the taste of the marketing folks.

The above video shows Dodge giving the band Grandaddy some love... I've been listening to them a lot recently, and I commend their choice. Oh yeah, do you guys recognize this song from the grocery store scene from 28 days later?

And he is another one from Dodge rocking some Apples In Stereo. The song is "The Sun Is Out" off of their critically acclaimed LP New Magnetic Wonder. I also heard a song by them on the Instinct cell phone commercial. And The Colbert Report has been more than supportive due to their song titled "Stephen", which is a tribute to the man himself.

I also noticed Chevy and Pontiac both rocking The Silversun Pickup's "lazy eye". Could this be a sign of a huge change in American pop music, the beginning of a new era? Only a matter of time until songs like the above mentioned will be getting more mainstream air time. Once the present radio industry dies, things will become very interesting.

This leads me to another question; What will classic rock stations be playing in 20 years? Who will be "our" Poison? My guess would be Nickelback... Love or hate them, they own them charts single after single.

Oh yeah, kinda got distracted, I really wanted to tell you all about this website I have been going to for the past year or so. It's name is Adtunes and it is perhaps one of the greatest tools of our day...forums to find out tv commercial music.

Sorry, I've been watching a lot of tv during my stay in Columbus...

Feel free to comment any tv commercial music you like?