Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rundown

Well, I am currently in Columbus without my computer, camera, or car. I think that counts as being stranded, but I'm staying at a friends house, so it's all good. The pictures for Lollapalooza and NAMU-fest are going to be a little delayed. So, hang in there, I know you are dying to see my semi-ok pictures. Next festival I go to (which will probably be forever from now), I am going to attempt to get a press pass.

Oh yeah, and I guess I never explained the comic...

Well, me and my pal Fill came up with an idea for a comic, and I figured you guys wouldn't mind checking it out. We'd really appreciate comments, but go easy on us, heh. So, I'm hoping it will be a weekly or 2-a-week kinda deal.

Anyway, it's the story of an ewok who is attempting to find his way home to Endor, but gives up to pursue an ordinary urban lifestyle. It makes complete sense...

shut up


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