Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reviewing Pitchfork's Review of Lolla-Sunday


Usually a pretty good source of information in my opinion, but when it comes to reviews my respect dwindles a tad. But then again, I suppose it depends on the person. Regardless, my new least favorite Pitchfork reviewer would have to be Amy Phillips...

My photos from Lollapalooza are still on my buddies computer so I figured I may as well read what Pitchfork (article) has to say about it.

On the topic of the Gnarls Barkley performance:

"...But the party was just not getting started. These "fun" songs felt labored, like everybody was trying too hard..."
-Amy Phillips of Pitchfork

First off, I'm not sure what Gnarls Barkley performance she saw, but the people around me were definitely feeling it. I suppose there is the possibility of her looking solely at the people that were waiting around for Kanye who *didn't* like Gnarls. Regardless, I can pretty much confirm that the people who were actually interested in seeing Gnarls Barkley really enjoyed it. Also, I'm fairly confident that the "trying hard" impression is part of the "prep school uniform" act (see pitchfork photos).

Unfortunatley that isn't the worst part. She goes on to review the Mark Ronson performance. I heard this one from a distance while securing a good spot for Kanye at the Bud Light Stage. I don't hide the fact that Ronson's Version is undoubtedly my favorite album to put on to get liven up the party, nothing hits the spot like those jazzy energetic covers. Needless to say, that made this next quote the nail in the coffin for me, heh.

"...After all that, it was actually a relief when Alex Greenwald of pop-punk band Phantom Planet stormed the stage in true rock star fashion. Though his and Ronson's cover of Radiohead's "Just" is dreadful..."

Wow, me and Amy must be polar opposites. That is probably close to, if not, my favorite cover of all time. She also goes on to say...

"...The whole thing was a huge clusterfuck, the music was mostly terrible, and the crowd didn't know the words to songs that might have been huge hits in England, but barely registered here in America..."

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I'm having a really hard time respecting hers. Needless to say, I'm through reading Pitchfork's coverage of Lollapalooza. I encourage you all to check out this track or go to youtube/AT&T blue room and decide for yourselves.

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