Monday, June 23, 2008

Just A Rant, Move Along.

**disclaimer: Before going any further, I would like to say that I have been reading an awful lot of I realize clothing has little to do with the music.

Hey there, honestly, I was about to go to bed until I saw this advertisement that inspired somewhat of a half ass 1:30 AM rant. At first glance, I found this ad very clever. Then I got to thinking, this is actually an incredibly true statement with today's "indie" culture, which makes sense, as I saw it on Pitchfork. Sometimes people, and I'm sure I could be accused, try so bad to be "hip", that they end up wanting to keep all the hip-ness to themselves. This sales pitch is right on, as soon as something begins to get some publicity or hype, all of a sudden it is abandoned. A perfect example of this in the "indie" scene is the ever-so-hyped Vampire Weekend album. Those guys got so much hype in a small amount of time, and all of a sudden some blogs and forum-goers begin to bash them. Now I realize that not everyone is going to like them, and that some people would have bashed them regardless. But, my point is, it seems they lost some 'street cred', if you will, due to their popularity. Ha, I also realize that street cred is a terrible phrase when discussing Vampire Weekend. I guess this is just the way trends go, people like, people lose sense of uniqueness, people move on.

This leads me to another topic, "indie" or "alternative" clothing styles. Now I'm not all that trendy apparently, but it seems I like the music a lot of hipsters dig. I realized this at the !!! concert (which you should have went to regardless). Now there are other variables, such as the !!! concert took place at a clothing store, which probably means half the concert goers were hardcore shoppers. But, I need to get a few things off my chest. Honestly, when did mullets become cool? I saw 2-3 dudes with mullets at that concert, didn't the human race learn their lesson already? I mean, I'm not all that into fashion, I catch some TLC here and there, but apparently plain solid colors are totally in. And if I am being completely ignorant, then I apologize. I guess I just don't dig the style that goes with todays 'trendy' culture. I wanna teleport back to the 90's when lofi-rock was in full gear, and for some odd reason 'normal people clothes' were associated. Chillin' in the suburbs, listening to some Pavement on mah skateboard, reppin my favorite sports team and a pair of wranglers.

In conclusion, I checked out their site and their shoes are kinda cool, although expensive. I'm glad I could give them some free promotion. By the way, I love the new Vampire Weekend album.


Chucky Chez said...

You do however watch HGTV.... :/

t0ny said...

This is true, I love HGTV, as well as Stacey and Clinton on 'What Not To Wear'.