Monday, June 16, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever?

So today, oh boy, I had a very interesting experience. I have been having trouble finding a summer job because OSU finishes Spring quarter so late, all the damn seniors beat me to the punch. So, after BSing all the way home from Cbus after the !!! show, my buddy jokingly mentioned picking strawberries for money at some farm in BFE. For some reason I thought this sounded like the funniest thing ever. So after laughing at how pathetic it was, we agreed to do it for humors sake. So, I got up at 5am and headed over to the strawberry patch for some sweet, sweet pickin'.

I learned a couple things
1) The Beatles would be very foolish to wish upon anyone "Strawberry Fields Forever".
2) Everyone should take a crash course in empathy before discussing illegal immigrants.
3) Every hick stereotype is true.
4) "If yucan pick 5 bushels in 3 hours, yr a purdy goot picker, yuns could make alotta berries"
5) "If yuns mash a berry, that's one less berry yuns can pick"

I would prefer not to work on Maggies Farm No 'Mo!

check out the white rabbits version too, they rock quite a fair amount.

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