Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kangaroos Are Wierd-Looking, And Apparently Relaxed

Have you ever driven down the street to stop at your local bike store only to be starred at by some wanna-be GaNgStER with a "hard" attitude? During this interesting confrontation, I was listening to an Outback Steakhouse ad being played on the glorious "Magic 105.7". Now I knew going into it that it was the Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) jingle that for some reason exists. However, this time it was different. It was a Father's Day version... Now I love Of Montreal's power pop hooks and indie jams as much as the next guy, but damn. I hope to god he got paid a fair amount of coin for that tomfoolery. Ok, so this obviously got my musical juices flowing, and also caused me to kinda zone out and accidentally return a blank stare that he seemed to misinterpret for a "hard" gangS-T-A-R stare back. I wonder if he wanted to fight me for looking at him. That is pretty impressive, made me wonder what he was listening to. I want to get a hold of whatever it was, because it must be some damn intense stuff if that was his reaction. Then, in a sudden moment enlightenment, I realized he could be listening to Kevin Barnes on that lame ass Father's Day ad. This sensation quickly declined as I passed him in my car only to realize the bike shop had been closed for two hours.

No Rules, Just Right

I went to Ruby Tuesday's later on that Kevin Barnes, heh.

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Chucky Cheese said...

I call photoshop on that kangaroo.