Saturday, June 28, 2008


It seems like there are so many sweet festivals going on overseas. Like for example, the Hove festival in Norway. I saw a link to this video over at Gorilla vs Bear. Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids bringin' a little west coast to the oh so hood Norwegians. Ha, regardless, they seemed to be feelin' it, and the quality is pretty good for youtube.

I love the fact that these guys are bringing back that old school hip hop back into the mainstream that is cluttered with scum like hurricane chris and soulja boy. But I'll let Ice T tell you all about that. Sorry if that's beating a dead horse, cause I think there are already multiple responses back and forth. I bet it's a promotional stunt for both sides, but enjoy the lame drama while it's out there. I wish you well on your youtube journey.

Most importantly, check out the performance below, COOO KIDS!

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