Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LIVE Review: The Walkmen w/ The White Rabbits

Hey there, just got back from the concert. It was held at The Basement, which is located right over by the Lifestyles Community Pavilion. It's a very snug venue, and you are almost literally on stage with the band. It was a lot different than any of the other concerts I've been to while down in Columbus. The White Rabbits opened up the show and I was blown away. I've been listening to their album for a while now and haven't really started to enjoy it to the fullest until a month or two back. Their live show definitely sealed the deal for me, these guys rock. The highlight of the show for me was definitely when they performed "kid on my shoulder", real energetic. Another thing, the band played with two full drummers, something I wasn't expecting. It really added to the groove of some of their songs. They played some songs I hadn't heard, including a new one, so cross your fingers for a new album, and check out their current album "Fort Nightly" if you haven't already.

After The White Rabbits were done, the headliners, The Walkmens came on. I have listened to a few albums but never have been really able to get into them. So I figured maybe they could sway me with their live show. However, I'm still not completely feelin' it. Don't get me wrong they had some sweet energy and a few songs I really dug, but just not completely my cup of tea I guess. Oh, and man can that guy scream. By the time they came on I had somehow ended up more towards the left speaker and my ears are still ringing. Check out "Bows and Arrows" by them if you haven't heard any of their stuff, I enjoyed that album the most.

Overall, pretty satisfied with the outing, cool venue, and a pretty damn good show. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing another show there in the near future. Oh, and I forgot a legit camera, so I had to make due with my camera phone, which ended up looking pretty cool I thought.

Take Care


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