Monday, January 21, 2008

Review: Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams, There Will Be Blood, Randoms

Hey, a few days ago I snuck in a link to someones mega-upload download of Destroyer's new album. Tonight I've been listening to it and I think it is quickly becoming my favorite album by him. So, if you haven't already downloaded it, you should. If you don't wanna use megaupload from some random person, I'm sure it has leaked by now, or buy the album you thief. Anyway, I'm not gonna go through and do some hardcore review, just a few quick things. I've always liked what Dan Bejar has done, especially with The New Pornographers, however, his solo projects (I thought) always lacked the exciting qualities of the ones he did with the pornos. Anyway, this album is rockin' and I think it is definitely going to inspire me to check out his older stuff. Woo, I hope 2008 can keep it up with releases like this!

Also, tonight I went with some friends to see There Will Be Blood, which was sweet. Still allowing that one to sink in a little bit, some things I'm not completely clear about. But it was a very entertaining, smart film. The film tells the downward spiral of a story of Daniel, a oil connoisseur who is trying to balance the struggles of his business, son and long list of other conflicts, I won't get into much of the story line. And a little side note, the music was composed by Johnny Greenwood, and the quality really showed. Spectacular acting from Daniel Day Louis, along with the rest of the cast. So, check that one out as well.

And, a few quick things, while walking past the newport on the way to the theatre, I had to put up with seeing the sign for "the mars volta - sold out - Saturday" sign. I was gonna take a picture but my phone failed me, probably for the best. But, although I'm still a little distraught about the show, some good news has crept its way in my direction. Heard news of a Dax Riggs show at some bar in Akron on Feb. 2, goin with some pals I haven't seen in a while, should be real cool.

Smell ya later.


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