Saturday, January 19, 2008

News: The Mars Volta Re-schedule Show

Welp, yes, much much lameness. I was at the morningtide pre-release so I found out at 6pm, an hour before the show. Pretty bummed, but they are supposed to re-schedule, I'll keep you updated on that. On a lighter note, I got 6th in my flight at the pre-release and won a door prize...
Even with that minor success at the pre-release (whoop-de-doo), still disappointed about the concert reschedule, welp, white rabbits on tues. is the plan, cya then.

...and heres a link to someones megaupload to destroyer's new, ill listen later. http://http// enjoys!

/sad kitty

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schafferms37 said...

Don't you mean you were at your morningtide nerd-fest?