Saturday, January 5, 2008

Random: Downloading Music...

YO! two times in one day, have I turned into a machine? No, something just really bugged me and I needed to warn everyone, or maybe the 2.5 people that read this. So before I left for school I found a walmart music downloading card,worth maybe 25 bucks? Who knows, unimportant...

Anyway, they have a terrible selection, and sure, I like some semi obscure bands that don't see radio airtime, but c'mon...from a place where you can expect to buy a lawnmower and a gallon of milk in the same aisle, you'd think they have a decent music selection. Well, maybe you wouldn't cause I thought it was a long shot too, but they should damnit (mainly because of the card I found). So, if you feel like docking your pirate ship and paying for music, for God's sake don't bother with Walmart, you'll be much happier with either Amazon or itunes. They didn't even include a lot of the album information, and two of the songs failed downloading, after I paid for them, plus it took forever on a pretty stellar connection.

Excuse the lesson in common sense, and props to inthesetimes for the image...cracked me up.


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