Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Talkin' bout Chi-Town

So, apparently the Pitchfork festival went pretty good. Some videos including Sebadoh, Animal Collective, Public Enemy, Spoon, M.Ward, and Jarvis Cocker have surfaced on youtube. The proverbial "Noise" was apparently brought. So make sure you check those out, and I wish you well on your inevitable youtube journey.

Oh and this kinda caught my eye, it's Spoon's "Mountain to Sound", guest starring Bradford Cox from Atlas Sound/Deerhunter. They dusted off the ole Soft Effects EP for that one, pretty cool performance.

Speaking of Chicago festivals, I FINALLY bought my Lollapolooza tickets after much procrastination, so hopefully I'll have some pics/perhaps video of my own when August rolls around. Chicago is a pretty happenin' place.


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