Tuesday, July 15, 2008


...which is the name of a song by MUSE, my still-favorite band. Here's a lyrical snippet:

Faith, it drives me away
But it turns me on
Like a strangers love
It rockets through the universe
It fuels the lies, it feeds the curse
And we too could be

I like this lyric because it expresses what I felt last night: I was gazing into the Ocean's blackness long after the beach had emptied, and it suddenly revealed itself as a perfect metaphor for my belief in the Universe: All I can see is an insignificant little piece of this huge blackness that is filled with so much life and which laughably dwarfs my own existence. Who knows what the Universe contains? Other worlds? Other beings? God himself? Humans are an insignificant speck on an insignificant speck.

It's a great song too...I am so devoted to Muse because of songs like Glorious:


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t0ny said...

that was deep man