Saturday, July 5, 2008

Indiana Gregg is an Idiot


Exactly. This no-name singer-songwriter, who was gifted a record deal by some bigwig executive with a hard-on, recently wrote an ignorant, preachy open letter to all file-sharers...

You can read more of her stupidity at the Pirate Bay's "legal threats" section, but I don't recommend it lest your head explode.

I get so angry when I think of these privileged "artists" sitting in their million-dollar homes on the Mediterranean coast, piously rallying against file-sharing because of some misguided vendetta they picked up only because it got boring burning money in the fireplace and crashing expensive cars whilst on coke-fueled escapades. Shut up and make music.


Anonymous said...

this is just a stupid post. how can people on the net make up so many lies about a person. sick

Anonymous said...

yes, the only person who is an idiot here is you for making up lies about someone. you have no clue.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Thanks for telling us about this. He's a complete freak. Where does he get the idea that indiana does coke or drives expensive cars? that is crazy. I'm going to send her this link because she'll think it's really hilarious. He calls himself 'robot destructo'. get a life you dumbass

Anonymous said...

wow, what a freak

t0ny said...

Well, in RD's defense, I don't think he was talking specifically about Indiana in the bottom half of the post. However, I initially read it thinking that. I think it's more of a rant inspired by artists that have already "hit it big". If Indiana does indeed read this, or any of her fans, I'd like to ensure you that MoreTunesMan means you no disrespect. And to be honest, I haven't listened to her work yet.

Despite the negativity, this is the most action that 'comments' have received.

Thanks for listening,

Anonymous said...

woah. that's really ridiculous. This guy writes "Exactly. This no-name singer-songwriter that was gifted a record deal by some bigwig executive with a hard-on recently wrote an ignorant, preachy open letter to all file-sharers."

Doesn't he know she's a DIYer who made her own label herself. She's an indie musician. The TPB guys were trying to bully an indie artist and she spoke up about it. What a naff post. Why write a bunch of lies about her. It's the fact that she's not well-known and yet when she did promote her music, it was downloaded and she's talking about how all us indie musician's aren't going to be able to get anyone to invest in us even to make recordings now because file-sharing kills it. Nobody wants to invest any money in music anymore. Making music and getting yourself heard costs money.

this is really stupid. I'm going to write to Indiana about this if nobody else has.

Dr. No said...

I would just like to say that there are plenty of indie musicians out there that have their music downloaded. The old music industry is dying, I hate to break it to you mr. Anonymous. Plenty of indie bands are making it through buzz and file-sharing.

It was a pretty silly move to attempt to take on the pirate bay by herself. I don't see how she could possibly win that argument. Nothing against her, but I just think she went about it all wrong. Also, I think that very few of your points are valid.

preserveart said...

I think this is one of the silliest posts I've seen about this. (That and somebody saying she's a thief for covering an old song, something that all credible musician's do).
She made some valid points, one thing is that all she did really was ask for a link to her music to be removed. She wasn't 'taking on' the pirate bay. They chose to take her on via an attempt at humiliation. I think that I would do the same if it were me. She simply quietly wrote a blog about it because she said she doesn't think it is right to be bullied. I admire her for that. I think it is wrong for a site to make $3million on advertising over a year and not have any respect for the musicians and film people that they are exploiting.