Saturday, July 5, 2008

Listening To: From Here to Infirmary, by Alkaline Trio

So I've heard the new AT disc, Agony and Irony, and it appears the once-pretty-badass group has gone full pussy on me. In response to my sadness I got out an old album of theirs, titled "From Here to Infirmary" (I like the name, and it sounds like a play on words, but I can't think of the phrase it'd be playin' on).

This disc, released in 2001, represents everything I actually enjoy about good post-punk records, like lyrics that drip with self-deprecation, strong guitar hooks, and vocals delivered in a masculine style by a man, unlike the seemingly female vocalists on these modern-day-Fall Out Boy-shite records. It's also got some bomb-ass drumming, which is surprisingly tasteful and creative when given the genre :D

That the track listing is engaging all the way through, whilst maintaining a distinct sound and style, is also a commendable feat. Alcoholism, broken relationships, and failed dreams are front-and-center in most tracks, but that's okay with me because I'm always semi-depressed and I like sad junk like that in songs ha. ha. ha.


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