Sunday, July 13, 2008

Listening To: The Walkmen - You and Me

Well, if you've been reading this for a while, you might have noticed that the Walkmen have grown to my liking significantly over multiple concerts and album listens. Although they do have that NYC post punk vibe, the Walkmen go about it in a different way then most. Their instrumentation really only plays the role of setting the mood and almost always seems to be building up to some type of climax. Hamilton Leithauser truly is THE band in my opinion. The strength of his voice is quite impressive, like a vocal explosion being set off by the winding grove ambience of the rest of the bands haunting instrumentation.

On You and Me, the band doesn't seem to deviate from this formula much, but rather, chose to continue and refine, which is always a good choice. Too many critics bash bands for their lack of innovation, which is double edged sword in most situations because a change in style normally results in a drop in quality. The Walkmen need not worry about either of those options, because they just flat out make it work, and I'm sure once some more reviews come out, critics will agree.

To me, it seems You and Me is a more personal and mature album for the band. A lot of the songs are pretty meandering and filled with obvious attachment. Lots of horns and piano are scattered across the album creating a more serious and heartfelt mood. The wait has been worth it, this album should rank pretty high on my charts this year, and I'm sure you will dig it if you are a fan. If not, give them some listens before you dismiss it. Like I said above, it took me two live performances and multiple album listens before I fell in love. Perhaps You could have the same moment of enlightenment as Me.

oh yeah, ticketmaster just sent this to me:
The Walkmen
The Basement, Columbus
9/15/08, 7:30

I hope you caught that Pun at the end,

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